Supply chain analytics: Challenges and Opportunities

The understanding of the supply chain as a complex system and the effective use of the supply chain data available are the two major problems.

Why are these considered as problems? To start with Supply Chain Analytics, it relates to data use and the supply chains complexities existing today.

For almost all the companies, analytics is considered the same as reporting. In thirty years of supply chain technology`s evolution, a spreadsheet is the most commonly used supply chain system.

With so many functions in a business and so many complexities are involved in the Supply Chain Management that just spreadsheets are not enough to get accurate data-driven results.

In recent years with the evolution of technology and the internet, the use of data analytics in the supply chain and logistics industry is on the rise.

Supply chain experts think that with cloud-based model and SaaS solutions on the rise the time for using real-time supply chain analytics is also a viable thing of the present.

Here are some Global Supply Chain Challenges

As globalisation is on its prime, all the companies are expanding beyond borders and trying to reach even the farthest of markets, in doing so the supply chain is getting more diverse, logistic teams are growing and the complication in managing the entire process is quite challenging.

Company’s supply chain cost can increase due to delayed shipments, inefficient plants, inconsistent suppliers can stall and delay the shipments thereby increasing the company’s supply chain costs.

Some major challenges of supply chain management are:

  • Global supply chain and logistic processes are not visible
  • Demand Volatility and managing it
  • Fluctuating cost in supply chain

What is Supply Chain Analytics Software

Software that provides tools to help plan and organize the different parts of a supply chain is the Supply chain analytics software.

The supply chain analytics software from provides help and organization to understand all the aspects of the supply chain process, streamline and accelerate the process to attain the desired efficiency.

It also helps in forecasting demand, ascertaining timely delivery of the products along with providing immense visibility and control over the entire supply chain process.

Supply chain management plays a big role in your product`s development and in ensuring that it reaches the customer according to the organisations’ objectives.

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