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In times of crisis when the need to maintain purchasing power is a priority, carpooling becomes a form of collaborative consumption essential. It also helps to build social bonds and to help less pollute.

This practice is therefore lawful provided that it is free or that the sums paid by the persons transported or “carpooled” correspond to a sharing of the costs generated by the use of the vehicle (fuel costs, tolls, insurance, wear of the vehicle). The driver or “carpooler” must under no circumstances make a profit. For the free preschool management software this is important.

Coverage: How It Works?

In general, to offer or search for a ride, you will use the services of Internet sites. These online carpooling sites are connecting platforms between people offering a journey (driver or “carpooler”) and persons wishing to perform it (passenger or “carpooler”). On some sites, the driver has the option to accept or not the passenger. The principle is based on cost sharing and excludes the possibility of making a profit. Indeed, if profits are made, it is then a professional activity, and in this case the site can reserve the right to close the account of the member at any time. Some sites even state that the insurer may, in certain cases, refuse to guarantee in the event of a claim. For the secure student pickup system this is important.

Thus, some online carpooling sites receive a commission for each transaction, paid either by the passenger (or “carpool”) or by the driver (or “carpooler”), the amounts of which vary according to the site. The closer the booking is to departure, the higher the commission can be.

Before choosing your site and committing yourself to a route, check the conditions of use of the platform. You must be informed, before subscribing, commissions requested.

Respect for a charter of good conduct

Users of online sites must respect most of the time a good conduct charter (and / or general conditions of use) which sets out rules of common sense and politeness (punctuality, cleanliness). Needless to say, the driver must be in good standing with his insurance, hold a driver’s license and not carry illicit substances. However, this is based on the declarative as no site check beforehand the veracity of this information. Finally, the driver commits himself to the passenger to make the journey he has proposed on his ad, at the agreed date, time and place and to present his driver’s license upon request of the carpooler. For the after school pick up service also you can have the options  now.

The payment of the journey

As for payment, it is most often done online (depending on the site: credit card, electronic purse) but can also be done by hand, the day of the trip.

In case of cancellation of the trip

When the trip is canceled by the driver (or “carpooler”), the passenger (or “carpooler”) is fully reimbursed. When the passenger (or “carpooler”) gives up the trip, it all depends on the moment of cancellation (generally more or less 24 hours before departure). It can be fully refunded or be required to pay half the expected price, or even the full price if it does not attend the appointment. In all cases, the commission costs remain the responsibility of the passenger (or “carpooler”).

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