Filing an Employment Dispute in Dubai Courts

If an employee or an employer faces any problem at their workplace, they can file an employment case in UAE. 

Different people may face different type of employment disputes. Some may not be getting salaries on time while some may be facing workplace harassment or anything. No matter what sort of a problem is being faced, hiring the employment lawyers in UAE is the ultimate solution.

No one can take the law in their hands. That is why it is better to take the help of labor lawyers in UAE click here for handling the employment disputes through legal manner.

End of service benefits and problems related to them

If the employees feel like the mentioned benefits at the contract are not correct, they should immediately talk to their employers about it. If the employers do not agree with them despite employee being on the right side, the employee should refer towards the Ministry. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization will then handle the problem in its own way.

One thing that should always be kept in mind by both the employees and employers is that they must file the complaint within one year. After one year has passed, no complaint will be considered. It is thus better to submit the request on time or less no one will assist you in the matter. As per labor law in UAE, if any of the employer or the employee has to raise a complaint against any one of them, they must come forward and submit a request to the concerned labor department. This is advised so that the concerned department may summon the concerned parties to solve the dispute in an amicable manner.

The concerned labor department plays its role to settle the matter but it doesn’t seem to do so, it submits the request to the court of the law for further implications. With the request put up by the labor, the department has attached a note having the summary of the dispute, arguments of the related parties and department’ observation of the matter.

After receiving the summon, the court processes the request within just 3 days and call a meeting of both the parties.

It is made sure that none of the requests is assisted if they are brought after a whole year’s lapse. Therefore, you will not be considered eligible to get your unpaid dues back from the employer and you did not reach the ministry on time.

You can anyway file a civil case as well on the basis of the documents you have including the term of service letter, bank statements or more. This can act as proof from your side and can make you get your end of service benefits in the most appropriate manner.

And you can ask the help of expert labor consultants in UAE like hhs lawyers and legal consultants to get the right advice about your case type as the law differentiate the action taken depending on every case situation.

Know what you do not know!

Reading the contract before you sign it is very important for you as it saves you from a lot of ambiguities. Knowing your laws is equally important. If you see someone stealing your benefits, you must reach out to the concerned authorities and understand your labor laws in UAE.

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