Tips For Generating Local Leads


How many new leads is enough? What areas of lead generation should you be focusing on the most? Who is going to reach out to all of these leads once you’ve generated them? When do you have to shift focus away from lead generation and begin building out your services more and more? These are all basic questions you have to start asking yourself now so that when the time comes you are ready to make important decisions about your marketing strategy going forward.

Use Tools

When it comes to expanding a business you may think money is the best tool you can have, but time is actually your most precious resource. To avoid wasting any opportunities, instead choose to simply automate any processes which are currently eating into your most precious finite resource, time.

Online lead generation tools are an excellent way to remove the burden of manually crawling websites in order to collect contact information. Local Lead Finder is one of a variety of tools that can help you eliminate wasted time that’s spent clicking through business sites, only to find out they have no email listed at all.

Local Lead Finder can collect this data instantaneously, and also help you eliminate any time wasted in third-party email clients. Local Lead Finder allows you to create one email template, and then send it out to dozens of businesses simultaneously. The fact is, you have to email a lot of new clients before you’re going to find the perfect fit for your product or service. By combining contact information collection, with an intuitive email system, automated software makes it easy to collect leads and eventually land new clients.

Set Goals

Once you’ve acquired a certain number of leads, and have begun to convert them into users of your services, then it’s time to refocus your energy into other aspects of your product. Begin making improvements to your original concept so that users would never want to switch to another service.

Determine how many lead conversions your business actually needs right now. Do you require 12 new customers in order to maintain a healthy level of growth within your company? Whatever your number is, it’s important to take a step back after you’ve reached your target, and make any pivots necessary to continue growing your business.

Optimize Digital Assets

Having a website, social media presence, and simple landing pages are not enough. It’s crucial to optimize all of your digital assets before beginning any lead generation campaign because ultimately this is what prospects are going to notice most about your service. Without impressive landing pages, a fast and responsive site, and an engaging social media presence (depending on your niche) why would you expect any prospects to want to engage with you over your competitors?

Master Your Niche

Start to fully research who makes up your niche, and then target those businesses and customers exclusively. If your service is a client management system specifically for yoga studios, then that’s where your focus should be. It seems simple, but it’s easy to get carried away when you’re targeting dozens of businesses for the first time.

Essentially, don’t waste any time trying to convince prospects who have little to no chance of ever needing your services. There’s plenty of prospects out there, so begin by focusing on the ones with the highest chance of a conversion. Landing a few high-quality leads will be much better in the long run than acquiring 20 low-quality ones.

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