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Human life is like a story, the beginning of which can still be somehow imagined, but what awaits a person in the end is not always clear and simple. This idea could easily be challenged by the well-known psychologist and founder of the psychosocial concept of personality E. Erickson, who identified eight stages in the development and socialization of a person, from birth to his death. With the Coach Stockholm you can have the best deal now.

It should be noted that E. Erickson pointed out a curious pattern:

How the problem of socialization will be solved in the first stage, the solution will proceed in the same way in the last stage. This fact can be confirmed by the well-known worldly wisdom: “one can understand life only towards the end, but one must live first”. For many people, such worldly wisdom sounds like something inevitable, i.e. live as you want, all the same you will understand everything only by old age and that if you live. It becomes somehow gloomy at heart. But we must pay tribute to the fact that E. Erickson believed that although the character of a person is formed in childhood, but not once and for all, but retains the ability to change throughout life. So, you just have to think a little over such a “story”, as the inhabitants of the gray matter, the familiar “cockroaches”, begin to wake up in our heads.

  • And let’s keep an internal monologue in the form of questions and answers. Whose hand is writing the story? Is this the author himself writing? Or maybe his hand is controlled by another “professional team of authors”? And there are a great many such questions. It would seem that the “author” himself can choose his storyline “story” that he will have in the center – a melodrama, detective story, adventure, science fiction or fairy tale. It depends only on him in what genre of “story” he will live his life. But this is only at first glance. One fine day, a man accidentally, just for a minute, decided to listen to his inner monologue and it seemed to “dawn on him”. Have we really become a hostage to such a “story”?

And off we go: What doesn’t suit me in my life? All people live the same way we do. All on the same plot wake up in the morning to go to work, and from work back home (at best) and so every day until retirement. Here are just the scenarios for all people are different. Different “author’s hands” write other people’s storylines. “And why am we better than other people,” the man asks himself comfortingly in his mind.

Psychologists often have to deal with such words as self-realization, personal growth, self-improvement, self-development. Yes, we came lonely into this world, like the light of a lighthouse, lost on a distant cape in an immense body of water. That’s roughly the way people often lead an internal battle with their desires and thoughts. But do not be upset! You should always remember that a person from birth is endowed with the ability and ability to achieve an internal emotional balance. He was given the opportunity to get to the source of the origin of such issues. And sooner or later, “cockroaches in his head will gain the long-awaited peace and will applaud him while standing.” Sometimes it is impossible to catch where the motivation for survival ends and the motivation for self-realization begins.

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