Look for the Right Affiliate Cases for You

Nowadays, there are many ways to make a profit from your website, one of the most popular of which is affiliate marketing. For this marketing, an affiliate must make his website available to a seller for more visibility. In doing so, he receives a commission when he brings a buyer. It is not enough to have a website to become an affiliate. This practice also requires an affiliation platform. We offer you in the rest of the article, 10 essential affiliate programs that will meet your expectations.

Amazon Partners

Amazon is the world leader in affiliate marketing. It offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn a commission on each sale through the links placed on your site. The commission usually ranges from 0% to 12%. To become an Amazon affiliate, you must open an account by integrating your personal information on their platform. Once it’s done, Amazon will study your registration and offer to automatically retrieve an affiliate link on each product. However, you can only expect a positive response if your site generates high quality traffic. You need Online Cheap Courses for these kinds of trainings.


Created in 2008, 1TPE is an affiliation platform which provides you with an inventory of dematerialized products such as digital books, software, videos, etc. On this platform, you can sell and launch an online store without paying a penny. The program is completely free and you benefit from a guide for promoting products on your site. The affiliation process is very simple. After registration, choose a product that you want to make visible, then retrieve an affiliate link to insert it in an article or an email. When someone buys this product, you earn a commission of up to 70%. Also, when a sale is made, you receive a notification email.


Awin is a platform created in 2000 and present in more than 11 countries around the world. In 2017, it generated nearly 148 million sales with more than 1,600 brands in 77 different sectors. Affiliates may decide to promote only products from prestigious brands in order to take advantage of their reputation. Awin provides several tools that can help you boost your campaigns. Among its tools, Awin presents affiliates with an “opportunity market” powered by offers of sponsored publications. It offers digital and physical products with an average commission rate and payment is made twice a month.


It is affiliate software that allows advertisers to set up campaigns to promote their product. These are relayed by affiliates through various communication media. Affiliates make their advertising space available to advertisers for various sources of revenue. Solutions are proposed to optimize the performance of companies. Among these, we can make the case of the one that allows managing advertisers in real time and leading to an increase in the product sales rate. In more depth, Affiliate offers an attribute layer characterized by a comparative and analytical reading of your levers with the aim of maximizing advertising investments.

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