PayWush security and encryption

How Nimish came to know about PayWush

Nimish Patel is a senior executive working in Ontario. He went to the coffee house to meet a friend on the eve of Diwali to celebrate. But throughout he had kept a grim face and looked somewhat down. The friend asked the reason. Nimish disclosed that he intended to send his sister some money for the Diwali but his foreign bank has declined to send the money as he has used his quota for the month. Even a wire transfer will take days and the occasion of Bhai-dhuj will be over before the money reaches home. The friend smiled. “Forget your worries and try PayWush today”, said the friend. “By tomorrow your money will be in your sister’s bank account only both of you have to link your PayWush account with your bank or debit card”.  Nimish was still in two minds “How safe it is? I have heard people’s exchange account being mopped up by hackers many a time”.  At this, the friend chirped “It is a hundred percent safe my dear, Send money with PayWush and know for yourself”.

All this happened in 2018, but payWush had a long journey after that and now a well-known brand in the money-exchange platform. The unique selling proposition is its safety, privacy, and security along with other features.

PayWush’s foremost USP is its security, privacy, and encryption

Every dealings in PayWush is end to end encrypted. So it is not possible for hackers to mop up your account in any way. It does not even require your phone number for your transactions or for account opening. There is no chance that your phone gets lost and the account becomes unsafe to operate. The account is opened through the email of the user only. This also ensures that the privacy of the user is maintained.

The User inter face is simple

What Nimish and others like him like is the hassle-free user interface and the ease of operation. Back home Nimish had been sending money even to his parents and though they are not tech-savvy, they can easily operate on the interface. It is just a matter of few clicks. One has to go to and automatically directed for the navigation to open an account or to transact. The interface is available on desktop, laptop, and mobile. The technology team keeps updated to innovate the service with every kind of change in technology.

The rapid spread of business

Because of all the above mentioned features, PayWush is spreading its operations with leaps and bounds. Over the year the revenue generated has been four fold compared to 2018. Every month it grows its client base to over forty-fifty percent.  It has been able to get over a thousand loyal business customers and a total of three million dedicated customers. The total client base is five million. No doubt that the company is emerging as one of the premier money exchange platforms especially in South-Asian countries.