LinkedIn in B2B Marketing From Professional hands

LinkedIn is much more than a recruitment platform: it has become a particularly powerful marketing tool. The first professional social network is even today an essential channel in B2B marketing, used to develop the visibility of a company, create and share content, identify partners, generate leads, organize monitoring.

Here, we explain in detail how the companies like Beep2B are integrating LinkedIn into your B2B marketing strategy and the different possibilities offered by the platform. 

Exploiting LinkedIn in B2B Marketing: What is the Interest?

Today, the relationship between the company and its customers is no longer limited to the act of purchase. Consumers expect companies and brands, who inform them, are interested in them and engage them in relationship programs. The company is no longer content to sell products, and it builds a relationship with its customers. Customer relations are now at the heart of marketing. A business, if it wants to develop, must succeed in building a quality dialogue with its customers, its prospects, its target. From Beep2B, the professionals leave no leaf unturned for building up this relationship in the right note.

Using LinkedIn to Target the Right People and Achieve B2B Marketing Goals

Today, buyers cross 90% of the purchasing journey before being put in direct contact with the sales force. This shows the heavy responsibility that weighs on the marketer. It is his job to attract and engage buyers, mainly by educating them through content marketing. This is why LinkedIn is particularly useful. The platform allows the marketer to arouse the interest of professionals for the brand and its products (the famous “Awareness” stage), by designing targeted content. LinkedIn also allows a company to build an image of an expert in its field, thanks to content with high added value, and to influence the purchasing decision of potential customers. LinkedIn generates qualified leads.

Find out how they use LinkedIn to increase your web visibility

Here are some techniques for targeting and engaging professionals on LinkedIn (we’ll get to that in more detail below) organically:

The company page

It has become essential. Through a company page, you can share your profession with the LinkedIn community, tell the history of the company, its values, and it is positioning its employees, detail its offer, and its added value. 

Showcases pages (= showcase pages)

These are specific pages, focused on one aspect of your offer, your commitment, your action. They enrich your presence on LinkedIn and offer targeted content.

Long-format articles

They allow you to use Linkedin to blog, write, and share informative content related to your LinkedIn profile. Long-format articles allow you to expand your audience and your LinkedIn network. 

The SlideShares

SlideShare, bought by Linkedin, is a tool for sharing PowerPoint presentations. By sharing your slides on Linkedin, you build a reputation as an expert in your field.

You can also advertise on LinkedIn alongside your organic development strategy. There are several solutions and advertising formats:

  • Sponsored Content, which allows you to boost your organic content via advertisements that appear natively on LinkedIn streams for your target audience.
  • Sponsored InMails, which allow you to send personalized private messages to the LinkedIn inbox of active users, and thus get around the major drawback of traditional mailboxes: their saturation.
  • They can be text ads, which appear in the right column of LinkedIn on the desktop version. These advertisements consist of a small visual and a short message (100 characters maximum).
  • You can make use of dynamic Ads, which use information from LinkedIn profiles and the LinkedIn activity of targeted users to create personalized messages. This format is widely used to generate subscriptions on the Company page.

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