Technological Advancements In Agriculture Sector

7 Ag Tech Advancements From 2018 | Successful Farming

Agriculture has its roots in India for many centuries. Agriculture is considered to be one of the most traditional and prestigious occupations in the country. It is being carried down right from older generations to the younger generations. Each family member is involved in some way or the other and has contributed to this tradition. However, this tradition is slowly transitioning and acquiring a new digital revolution. Modern agriculture is a combination of new technological advancement that is combined with older techniques to benefit the farmers. Certain new types of equipment and the introduction of agriculture apps have majorly contributed to this. Many agricultural networks, startups have also come up with platforms to contribute to the growth of farmers. Some of the advancements are as follows –

Automation – Many agricultural processes have now been automated. Thanks to the technology. For example, automatic water systems for irrigation and sensors are helping the farmers to make the farms more efficient and increase the quality and quantity of yield at the same time. This has helped kisaan to become Atma nirbhar and more efficient. Not just that it has also reduced the labor cost incurred by the farmers.

Weather Forecast – Farming is very popular in India because of the favorable weather conditions. However, due to global warming and pollution, the recent weather has become very unreliable. Since farming is majorly dependent on weather conditions, technology has gifted farmers with weather forecasting apps. Apps like Krishify provide the farmers with weather updates to take necessary measures and precautions.

Online Markets – This has proven to be one of the best features of technology for farmers. Since kheti badi take most of the time for farmers, the next important thing that farmers need is a place to sell their products and direct market access. Today, with these farming apps farmers can sell their produce, cattle, and any other products online. Farmers can even buy agricultural products, seeds, fertilizers from the verified online dukans. Gone are when farmers had to physically visit the market to buy the farming products. With direct access to the online markets, the farming process and dealing have become much easier.

Crop Sensors – Crop sensors are very useful, especially for new farmers as they guide about various things such as – how much fertilizer to use, they also automate the quantity of fertilizer based on the current crop condition. Hence the yield is perfect with no extra chemicals or damage.

Farming Softwares – Many farming software are now available in the market which helps the farmers by providing them with previous records as well as help them to maintain new ones. Farmers can monitor their crops in terms of the current natural condition, estimated yield, pest activity etc. Hence as soon as the problem arises, the farmer is able to rectify it immediately. The farmers can also compare his/ her field performance with other users and can get tips as to how to optimize the yield as well.

To conclude, technological advancements are revolutionizing the agricultural sector and making the overall farming process easier for the farmers.

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