How you can make a self-care routine that suits your personality and schedule

Most people out there have probably heard that the way to live a long and happy life is by implementing a self-care routine. While this may seem overly simple, many people don’t actually put themselves first as they are too busy caring for everyone else. The problem with this, however, is that it almost always leads to burn-out causing a person to not be able to care for anyone else at all. 

Another problem that people seem to have when it comes to a self-care routine is that they find it completely boring and struggle to sit still for long enough to meditate, or chant, or do whatever it is that people are supposed to do when they are enlightened. The truth is that people are able to make this their own and no two people’s self-care routine is going to be the same. And so, here is how you are able to make a self-care routine that not only suits your personality and schedule but that will also help with encouraging you to put yourself first. 

You can make a tailored self-care routine by figuring out what you like as well as much time you have

One of the first mistakes that people usually make when they are trying to implement a self-care routine is that they try to include things that they really don’t enjoy. For example, someone may have heard that it is good for them to get up at 5am and yet they are not a morning person at all. For these people, it may be better to have a night-time routine that they can perform before bed. 

In addition to people figuring out what they like, they will also have to figure out how much time they have to dedicate. Someone who works 80-hours a week may not have a whole hour to dedicate to a new routine but instead may be able to put aside ten minutes each day. Alternatively, those who are already up at the crack of dawn may enjoy having a routine that spans for a few hours where they are able to enjoy some yoga, some light reading, and so on. Whatever it may be that people enjoy and no matter how much time someone has, people have a better chance of success if they are realistic about what they can achieve. 

You can make a tailored self-care routine out of the things that you already enjoy by simply doing them more mindfully and purposefully

While there are many things that people enjoy that they are already likely doing, the reality is that they are likely taking these things for granted and are rushing through them. For instance, those who may not stop vape to savour the moment or flavours and could really use this already existing routine to practice mindfulness. Furthermore, putting aside the time to regularly choose new flavours and accessories can be a great chance to focus on one’s self

Similarly, someone who enjoys watching movies could make sure that they do this at least once a week and that they turn off all of their smart devices while doing so. This is sure to help people relax, unwind, and momentarily shut-off from the world. When people act with intentionality and make sure that they are doing things that bring them joy on a regular basis, this is absolutely a form of self-care that doesn’t put people off too much and that can easily match a person’s personality as well as their schedule. 

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