Guide on What to Wear for a Business Meeting

Business meetings can come in many different forms, but first impressions will always count. 

As such, we need to ensure that when attending a business meeting, we’re making the right impression the first time. 

The best clothes to wear will depend on the gender of the person, so an overview of what men and women should wear when attending a business meeting is set out as below. 

For Women 

There’s a lot of choices available when it comes to business attire for women, but some may still need some guidance when it comes to making the right choice. 

The top a woman choose can be something as simple as a chiffon shirt or patterned blouse. 

Those looking to make use of layers could also complement the look with a blazer. 

When it comes to the bottom half, suit trousers or chinos are a viable option, as are A-line or midi skirts. The choice you make can depend on the type of weather you contend with on the day of the business meeting. 

Of course, the professional look should be finished with the right footwear, and there are plenty of options available when it comes to smart footwear. 

Brogues, flats and small heels are all fines if they are in line with the rest of the outfit. Factors to consider can be the shape and colour when compared to the rest of the outfit. 

If a woman is attending a business meeting in more adverse weather conditions, then they can finish off the professional look with a pea coat or trench coat. 

For Men 

In some instances, men may feel that there is little choice available when it comes to business attire, but there’s a lot of choices available within the options available. 

A blazer isn’t always a necessity, but it can give that additional hint of sharpness that some are looking for when attending a business meeting. 

When attending a business meeting, a shirt is a must. Even if the business meeting is a more relaxed one, the appearance of a well-pressed shirt can make all the difference. 

Those looking for the ultimate professional look should partner a shirt with a tie that doesn’t clash. 

For example, if you’re planning to wear a patterned shirt, then you should opt for a plain tie to offset this. 

Smart trousers are also a most, although chinos can be used in some instances. However, if you’re looking to wear chinos, make sure they’re not too bright. 

Similarly, if you’re wearing a tie that has a pattern, then consider wearing a shirt with plain colour. 

There are many styles of shoe available for the modern professional, and men can make use of Chelsea boots and brogues, as well as formal shoes.

A formal well jacket can be an excellent coat, as well as offering a blazer design that matches the professional tone of the rest of the outfit. 

Factors That Both Men and Women Should Consider 

Although the appearance of the person can make the difference, so too can other elements of our personality. 

For example, we shouldn’t put a lot of effort into perfecting our look, only to turn up to a business meeting with a laptop stored in an old backpack. This alone can be enough to give the wrong impression to potential employers. 

As such, it can be worthwhile investing in something such as a leather laptop bag. Not only does this ensure that we look professional when attending a business meeting, but it also ensures that laptops are safeguarded in the right way.

The way we style our hair can also be an important factor to consider. There’s certainly nothing wrong with showcasing out personality, but it’s important to ensure that hair is styled and tidy. 

Aftershave and fragrance never hurt, but it’s important that it’s not too overpowering. Although we want to make the right impression, a potent smell may become distracting, which means out other efforts are put to waste. 

Some of these suggestions may seem simple on the surface, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed when worrying about making the right impression during a business meeting. 

Considering the above allows you to avoid any fashion faux pars while being able to move forward in your professional life. 

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