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If you are considering to register a company in India, there are several fees for company registration that needs to be paid prior putting up a company. It is a must that you have to ensure that you are in the right side of the law when registering your foreign company in India. 3E Accounting India is here to help you to avoid being penalized and to ensure that you are in the right path.

Registration Fee:

Registration fee for the organization varies on the nominal share capital. Fee: Rs. 2,000-206,000.

For Companies with no Share Capital, fee will depend on the number of members as declared in the MOA. Fee: Rs. 2,000-5,000

Filing, Submitting, Registering or Recording Fee for Documents with ROC:

Depends on the nominal share capital of the company. Fee:  Rs.200-600.

Fee for Delayed Filing of Forms

If the company fails to file forms in time for their schedule, there will be additional fees that needs to be settled depending on the days of delay that may result from times 2 of the normal filing fee up to 12 times larger.

Fee Structure to Central Government

Fee will vary on the type of organization you are registering and will be based on the number of authorized share capital. Fee will cost from zero for OPC’s and small company and ranges Rs1,000-5,000 for other companies.

Sole Trader and One Person Company under Company Limited by Guarantee but without Share Capital will not be charged of the Fee Structure. While other types of companies will be imposed of Rs 2,000 fee.

If the Company has a valid license issued u/s 8 of the ACT, they will be charged Rs2,000. While Sole Trader and One Person Company are exempted from paying the fee.

Do note that as of 26Jan2019, Government of India has waived off the Government fee for incorporation of company in India. This means that fees stated in this article was done prior introducing the waiver from the Government.

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