What are effective lead conversion strategies?

Lead conversion rate consists of total number of people who visit your website. These visitors are captured as leads. This is considered as the most essential top-of the funnel conversion metrics. Lead conversion rate predict the ability of your website to attract audience and the proficiency of website to convert them into leads.  If you have Lead Conversion System 2, it becomes easy to measure lead. For. Example your website gets 50,000 visitors per month. Among them you can capture 2,000. Your lead conversion rate will be 2000/50,000 which is equal to 4%.

People having different interests will visit your website. Some reach your website by clicking the ads and some may follow the link in the search of some topic. Some people will be well informed that they will be ready to download the PDF file. Nevertheless, every type of customer is worthy. Your website should guide all of them towards the right direction. You must shave multiple lead capture path because different types of people at various stage of buying cycle will visit your website. You may ask people to sign up to get newspaper who are doing research. People who visit your website five times and are showing great interest.  You should include such people on a fast track path by planning a trial account or scheduling a call with them. It is very crucial to segment the metric.  You should track efficiency of your website to capture the lead of each group.

In case of Lead Conversion Rate website, it is also important to understand spending’s on paid advertisement and to determine ROI. To increase your Lead Conversion Rate, you can use re-marketing campaigns. You need to keep a check on spending vs value.

It’s not only the content of your website that attract your visitor. Performance of your website has also an influence on website conversion rate. An estimated 60% of visitors wants the website to load within just 2 seconds. The website which take twice of this time to load reduces their conversion rate by 3x. According to Walmart, conversion rate increases by 2% for every 1 second improvement in loading speed. Quality of the website is also of paramount importance. With the help of these guidelines you can improve the lead conversion rate of your website. A fancy looking website and investment in marketing activities are very necessary to grab the attention of a visitor to improve the lead conversion rate. 

If you will add high quality content on your website. The chances of getting more leads will increase significantly. One must write informative content i.e. blogs, eBooks, and white paper. Try to write catchy website copies and work on demos of products. Generating a high-quality content will improve the trust of your customer and will develop a healthy relationship with them. This trustworthiness and relationship will generate good amount of revenue for your business. Visibility of your website on Google will also improve lead rate of your business.

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