Work-from-Home Policy – Record SMS Message and Record Voice Calls for Records Request Compliance

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, companies and organizations are forced to limit and stop their operations. Governments required people to stay inside their home and enforced social distancing to prevent the risk of virus infection. 

As people continue to adapt to the new normal, many companies are finding variety of ways to communicate with their employees and clients. Providing employees with the right communication tools and platforms they need to communicate with their clients or colleagues is essential for business continuity. 

Monitoring work-at-home employees are made easier with new communications platforms such as WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a secured messaging app that is beneficial among employees due to its wide variety of features. This is an ideal cross-platform during a crisis as it can be used on mobile, web, and desktop.

It is important that employees understand the utilization of compliance tools such as mobile archiving solutions that will record messages and WhatsApp chats from their device. Not only does these records help give regulators an insight into the work employees have been conducting but also protect the organization from a disaster. 

Regulatory agencies have provided regulatory guidance amidst the coronavirus pandemic that expects firms to establish a supervisory system that will monitor phone calls, record voice calls, and capture text messages of their employees for supervision purposes. This infographic from TeleMessage contains some points that regulators have made clear regarding their regulatory guidance.

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