Why You Should Use Shopify for Dropshipping

Several years ago, dropshipping was that well-known as a business model. However, with each passing year, this business model has proved its worth. The simplicity of the dropshipping model is what makes it attractive to millions of people all over the world who now prefer using this method for purchases. Fortunately, when it comes to dropshipping Shopify is always there to simplify the process, and has numerous features that are specific to this business model.

With over 200,000+ stores and millions of visitors yearly, Shopify is undoubtedly the platform to launch your dropshipping business.

Why Shopify?

Unlike other platforms, launching a Shopify store is fast and easy. With a few clicks and in less than 20 minutes, your products are live, and you can start selling immediately.

What if I am not a developer?

Most people using the Shopify platform are not developers, and it was actually created just for people like you. You don’t need to be a coding geek to open a Spotify store. Spotify is so user-friendly, all you have to do is follow the instructions and fill in all necessary information, and you have your store.

However, a little knowledge of web development will certainly go a long way in optimizing your store. The significant part is, you do not need a web developer to manage your store for you. Shopify takes care of the backend and server maintenance for you. It also handles all of the hosting solutions and software updates, giving you more time to focus on growing your businessproperly to gain and retain your clients and ultimately, increase your ROI.

Another plus point is Shopify makes it easy for you to track your inventories. You get to know if you are out of stock by setting up your inventory tracking and managing your inventory counts all through the inventory section of Shopify.

Simplifying your shipping needs

Shopify has a built-in shipping service called Shopify Shippingthat gives dropshipping merchants discounted rates through popular shipping companies like DHL, USPS, and UPS. Hence, you don’t need a third- party to process your shipping orders for you.

To set up your Shopify Shipping, click on ‘Settings’ on your dashboard followed by ‘Shipping.’ Fill out the necessary information such as the weights of your goods and any specialized notes. And lastly, look out for some discounts for first-time users.

Security guaranteed

Being a globally recognized brand, Spotify is 100% secure and highly reliable. Rest assured that no one will compromise your card details. The payment system is secure and flexible. You get so many options to choose from and you don’t have to pay any extra charges when using manual payment methods.

Build great looking websites

The graphics on Shopify websites are great. You can choose from a plethora of themes. There are 160 free and premium themes. You can personalize them to your taste and create a catchy display that fits your customer base.Shopify is also SEO-friendly, which will help in ranking your site. It also gives you access to several marketing tools, discounts, gift vouchers, and coupon settings for your products.

Do you still question if Shopify is your best bet for starting a dropshipping business? Our guess is no. You can even host your already existing ecommerce site on this platform. If you’re still unsure, you can use Shopify’s 14 day free trail to see if the ecommerce platform is the right fit for your dropshipping business, and to make sure it has all the features you’ll need to start selling products as soon as possible.

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