When Is Your Own Home Worthwhile? What Is Important?

The question of the ideal housing situation causes many people headaches. While those affected feel the monthly rent as money thrown away, they fear, on the other hand, the high risks of buying a home. However, it is not easy to answer whether a home purchase is better than an apartment for rent since the meaningfulness here depends on several factors which Black Castle Properties explain some.

Why Is Home Buying More And More Interesting For Many People?

In recent years, the situation for tenants in Europe has become significantly tense. As a result, rental prices have risen rapidly in the recent past, while the availability of affordable housing in many regions is becoming increasingly scarce.

Tenants in sought-after locations, such as the city centres of Munich, Paris or London, are particularly hard hit. The investment in home ownership seems too many people given the current developments here as a lucrative way out. A central argument in this context is not infrequently the omission of the rental costs, which is intended to bring about lasting financial relief.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Buying A Home?

In the argument for buying a house, many people make a mistake and equate the rental costs with the loan instalment. However, this is a gross misjudgment.

A closer look reveals quickly that the loan is composed not only of the loan interest but also of the loan repayment. While the loan rate can be considered as the equivalent of rent, the repayment serves the accumulation of wealth. In fact, loan repayment would have to be equated with the tenant’s saving rate.

However, lending and repayment are not the sole costs of owners, as maintenance costs or their reserves must be included in the monthly expenses. Tenants need not worry about this, as these costs are already included in the rent.

For Which Target Groups Is A Home Purchase Particularly Well Suited?

If you want to find and build suitable prefabricated house, you should definitely check the personal requirements for this project. So the house construction or purchase is usually associated with complicated financing. In order not to be overwhelmed by obligations and debts, all liabilities of a house-building should be paid off at the latest until retirement age. For this reason, the purchase of a home is particularly suitable for young families with adjusted income.

What Is The Benefit Of Higher Returns – Renting Or Buying?

As a result, most calculations on paper have the following results: If one compares the return of an owner-occupied property with high-yielding investment forms such as ETF, the property usually only wins if the home or the house can earn substantial increases in value during use. Otherwise, the alternative investment wins.

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