What is moissanite, and how it differs from diamond? 

Moissanite is one of the rarest crystal, and it is also known as the silicon carbide. It was discovered by the chemist Dr. Henri Moissan, and he was also a noble prize winner. Moissanite was discovered from the meteorite strike in Arizona. First, Dr. Henry Moissan considered moissanite as a diamond, but later, he did some research and found it a different mineral. This crystal has many similarities with the diamond, and it is also a reason people use moissanite as the alternative of the diamond. You also can compare moissanite vs diamond for knowing the similarity between both.

If you are thinking of having the diamond ring for the engagement and you don’t want to spend much money, then a moissanite ring can be the right choice. Moissanite is found only in meteorites; therefore, it is rarer crystal. It is a durable mineral; the ring made of moissanite can be last for the rest of life. The properties of the diamond match with this crystal; therefore, people can be seen searching moissanite vs diamond. 

 Comparison between Moissanite and Diamond

Moissanite can be used as the alternative of the diamond because it has many similar qualities. Many pieces of jewelry, the manufacturers are using this crystal for providing the diamond looking ornaments at a low price. Underneath we have covered some points, on the behalf of these anyone can easily differentiate between both crystals. 

  • BRI 

BRI stands for the Brilliance Refraction Index that indicates the brilliance of any crystal. When you go for moissanite vs diamond, then you will find that diamond has the brilliance refraction index of 2.43 while moissanite consists of the index of 2.65. So hereby, this comparison, we can consider that this crystal has a similarity on the scale of brilliance. 

  • Fire Dispersion

It is also a prominent scale by which we can easily check the similarity of moissanite with the diamond. The fire dispersion of the diamond is 0.044, while the fire dispersion of moissanite is 0.0105. By this comparison, you can see this tiny difference; this comparison makes clear that in the matter of this scale, moissanite can be used as the diamond. 

  • Hardness Mohs scale 

The Hardness Mohs Scale (HMS) of moissanite is 9.5, while diamond has the HMS of 10. Even, on this scale, these two crystal has many similarities. This tiny difference proves that the rare gem can be used as the alternative of diamonds for using this into the manufacturing of ornaments. 

  • Toughness 

When we make a compare of moissanite vs diamond according to the toughness, then we find that the toughness of diamond is excellent, and moissanite also has the same. On this scale, both the crystal stands; equally, that means when we are buying the ring that consists of moissanite instead of diamond, then we don’t need to worry about durability. Both the crystal have the same toughness that is the sign of similar properties. 

Bottom line 

Above, we have discussed a comparison of moissanite vs diamond, which clarify the similarity between both crystals. Because of the similarity in properties between both the gems, we can use moissanite instead of the diamond.