Typical Information In The World Of Company Secretary Service

Whether you do know or not, the role of a company secretary in Hong Kong is responsible for the efficient administration of a company. Particularly, the secretary role must ensure the company’s compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and must make sure the decisions that were made by the board of directors (of the business) are implemented.

According to the HK’s Companies Ordinance, appointing a company secretary is mandatory, and every locally company registered should have such a role. But it does not mean for small businesses, all of them must hire a full time secretary person whether on a daily basis the owner has any task for the role to do or not. The company owner can always make use of a service or an agency.

But when you are an agency handling the administrative work as a secretary of multiple companies or businesses in Hong Kong, you will need a piece of technology to manage the work. Typically, you can sign up and use a company secretary software for Hong Kong companies.

Usually there is a restriction. For example, the same individual person (in many countries/regions including Hong Kong) may not be both the president (such as a director) and a secretary. Another limitation is the company secretary role must possess a physical address in Hong Kong.

The flexibility given is that the secretary may be a naturally living real person, or a corporate entity. Still, either requires having a local street address. So basically in terms of location, that is the one information the secretary must always comply with the Companies Ordinance.

But what qualifications (i.e. education or training) do a person need to qualify the job of a company secretary? To work in the role of a company secretary without bumping roads, it is important that you possess a degree or a professional qualifications in business, law, accountancy or public administration. Depending on the exact job or agency you are working with, you may be required to demonstrate relevant business experience in the areas such as pensions, personnel, accounts, credit control, or more.

What are the advantages for most founders/owners who have registered their businesses in Hong Kong? Or what are the advantages when they have started working from HK? The city is located in the economic center of Southeast Asia. Keep in mind that most companies that are located in HK may one day get involved in new business opportunities in mainland China. So it is much more international than places/cities in mainland China. Especially for foreigners or expats, HK seems very perfect for both living and doing business.

Transportation may not be the cheapest within the Asia Pacific region, but when you are travelling or commuting to work, the public transports are mostly efficient, and are clean and reliable. When you consider the cost of having a car in HK, public transportation is much more cost effective.