Top 10 Ways to Go Digital as Business Owners During COVID-19

Several challenges arise for any business owner during the COVID-19 pandemic. For one, you’ll be worried about your own health. You would not want yourself or any of your employees to be infected with the virus. There’s also the question of competing with the attention of people in general. Any PR stunt right now would be considered distasteful. Below are the Top 10 Ways to Go Digital as Business Owners During COVID-19. Thank goodness we can now turn to digital marketing.

Work from home

COVID 19 spreads through droplets. The droplets do not have to necessarily enter the nose or mouth. They can enter the eyes as well, and if your immune system is not strong enough, the virus can be deadly. To keep your employees safe from the viral infection, as it does not have any vaccines or cure yet, it is best to keep everyone at home. This does not mean that your business has to close down.

Optimize online presence

Since you will be keeping your business relevant (and existent) online, you need to optimize your presence on the internet. Review your digital marketing COVID-19 tactics. People will be searching for information about the virus at this point. One way to stay relevant is to offer trivia yourself while connecting it to your business plans (of course you need to make this seamless for it to work). Of course, be very sensitive when you tread on the subject. You do not want to seem like you are profiteering on a pandemic. You want to be sensitive, so treat everything with kid gloves. Empathize and be creative.

Set realistic tasks per day

Your business has to go on. You need to function, and you need to produce. However, you also cannot ignore that a pandemic is in place. You are not working during ordinary times. Your employees are not working from home. They are working at home or trying to, during a pandemic. When you set meetings, give them realistic tasks. Take into account that some are parents and would be taking care of their children too while working from home. Be understanding of the situation, but do set goals. You can be flexible, but strike up a balance. You do not have to be aimless.

Online meeting places and emails

Utilize online tools to meet with clients and employees. The great thing about digital marketing COVID-19 is that we are at an age where online meetings are not new anymore. They are just not explored enough. With a fast enough internet connection, you can function as a business (with slight adjustments) without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Think forward

The world is different now, and it will be even more different even once we’ve beaten COVID-19. Look at your digital marketing COVID-19 strategies, and see if your products and solutions are still up-to-par with what could happen in the future.


Your business is not just business now. You need to do your part to help out too. See if you have the capability to donate food, basic necessities, and PPEs to hospitals. See how you can help out employees and clients who may be in trouble because of the pandemic.

Set up shop

You might be at home and functioning in this manner for months. Set up shop at home. Set up a corner if you don’t have space for your own office. Make sure it is in the best place for internet connectivity, and to protect your privacy, set up a good, neutral background like a wall.

Set up a schedule

It is easy to lose track of time during the pandemic. Try to maintain your regular schedule if you can. The moment you let the panic seep in, it’s hard to recover. Do give yourself a pat in the back at the end of the day for surviving the changes. Try to work out your schedule so you can juggle business matters with home concerns.


When you can, connect with employees and clients. Check on each other. Try to come up with ways to entertain each other despite everything that’s happening outside your homes. Wish everyone well and boost your team’s morale by loosening up. “After work” chat meetings are also good, especially if you have employees who are alone in their homes during a lockdown.

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