The Perfect Funding and More on Starting a Company

The funding is intended for the purposeful and determined development of innovation cooperation in the enterprise-driven ecosystem. Funding is a grant with a maximum of 50% of the total cost. This is where a visit to is essential as you will find that the company has more on their sleeves to ensure a perfect funding and infrastructural development on that part now.

For Whom?

Funding is intended for a company, association or foundation that networks actors around a selected business headline and drives ecosystem development toward a common goal. In exceptional cases, a research organization or other public entity may also be a beneficiary, but shall be subject to the same funding rules as a private operator.


  • Once a number of companies and other players have identified a business headline with a global market potential of at least $ 1 billion in new export business that requires collaboration. Finnish know-how also supports the further development of the business tip. Companies are willing to share the knowledge and expertise required for collaboration within pre-agreed limits.

The idea can be transformed into a clear vision of shared growth and a detailed action plan for developing a growth engine, as well as business models, new or revolving business, with the help of a trusted collaborator, orchestrator and funding. As a rule, there is a continuous call for projects.

What Can Funding Be Used For?

The funding is intended to develop ecosystem innovation collaboration. The Growth Engine Ecosystem Orchestra, with funding, activates the network to build joint research, pilot and demonstration projects and activities internationally.

For example, the Growth Motor Orchestra can provide funding to strengthen ecosystem networks and information exchange, enhance international ecosystem collaboration, increase the visibility of operations, and enhance the effectiveness and continuity of operations, with the goal of accelerating development towards international exports. Funding cannot be used for research and development.

Financing Steps And Evaluation Criteria

Growth motor orchestration is typically funded over two-year periods up to a maximum of ten years. A company, association or foundation can also receive funding to prepare a growth engine.

Commitment of the ecosystems to the orchestra project is essential. Typically, there should be at least five companies in the preparation phase for orchestration, and typically at least 10 companies in the start-up phase.

Growth motors are evaluated as follows:

  • Criteria for the first funding phase of the start-up phase
  • Planned effects of the growth engine on business, exports and job creation as well as investments in Finland
  • Global market potential of a recognized business tip
  • Challenge and Credibility of Growth Engine Growth Vision
  • The determination and credibility of the action plan to develop the growth engine and drive innovation
  • The Value and Resources of a Growth Motor Orchestra
  • Criteria for future start-up financing periods
  • Completion of previous phase goals and results with impact
  • Determination and credibility of the next steps action plan
  • Detailed Action Plan on International Cooperation on Growth Engine, Generation of Collaboration Platforms and References, and Other Development of Operational Environment and Collaboration
  • Role of Growth Motor Orchestrator, Leadership Model, Value Added and Plan for Growth Motor “Self-sufficiency”.