The Identity Crisis Plagues Entrepreneur Community

Within the 1998 movie, The Truman Show, Jim Carry performed a personality who was clueless that who he actually was. He was clueless that that his existence had been recorded since his birth of entertainment purposes. He woke up from his identity crisis if somebody told him who he truly was. This is comparable to the identity crisis the entrepreneur community is experiencing today.

A lot of however , entrepreneurs don’t know who they really are. Most of them lost their way, getting swept up with business activities, or they just never understood their means by the initial place. Typically whenever you ask entrepreneurs who they really are or the things they’re doing (i.e how can you make an earnings?), they are saying that they’re a who owns a company. For example, they possess a jewellery shop or they offer cars. But that’s not the things they do or what really means they are money.

The entrepreneurs who completely understand who they really are understand that they’re not merely an entrepreneur. Rather, when requested, the entrepreneur who understands who they really are would respond they make money. Sounds simple does not it? However, many individuals who say that they’re entrepreneurs, aren’t really entrepreneurs they’re business proprietors or business managers. The essential reason for the entrepreneur is to earn money. Now, how that cash is created will differ, but a business owner is an individual who earns money…not literally, however their actions create a positive increase of money.

A business owner with this particular mindset has two identities. These identities are what establish them is the “money makers”.

The foremost and most significant of these two identities is the fact that most of all, a business owner is really a marketer. You possibly can make then sell widgets, services, or information sources but without having customers, clients, or patients then you’re dead within the water. You’ll have a large amount of great services and products but nobody to market these to. I understand this is tough for a lot of entrepreneurs simply because they hate the idea of selling. They consider the used vehicle salesperson that offered them their first lemon and shiver with anger. But a realistic look at everything is the fact that as you grow a business owner, you inherit because you will also be, or ought to be, an internet marketer, a marketer, along with a sales rep. The good thing about everything is you are a business owner, therefore the concepts you have regarding marketers, it’s not necessary to follow. You need to follow effective marketing strategies but it’s not necessary to be that salesperson that offered you the first clunker. Marketing ought to be fun. It ought to be a manifestation of what you are. If it’s not, then you’ll always have a problem with it.