The First Contact Option for Debt Collection

Why does this first contact need to be planned? Each of the methods chosen for the initial contact can directly impact the success of the billing. This means that the first step will impact every other step that comes later.

Practical Options

To be more practical, let’s think that you are organizing a barbecue and need to collect money from some friends. Is it more effective to go to their house or send a message on Whatsapp and set a day to receive? By choosing the first option, you are likely to go through situations where your friend is absent, has no money at home to pay or even has given up on attending the event. The use for the commercial debt collection services comes perfect there.

  • Now through the message you can make the contact quickly, plan, create an appointment and, if not effective, you can go to the friend’s house with the argument that you sent a message and now went there. Something similar happens in billing.
  • Using strategies such as sending SMS or email, the advisor achieves some spontaneous returns without spending too much and can focus calls on those clients. In this format, the billing process becomes much faster and more effective.

Pre Mentioned Options

As we mentioned earlier, advisors do not have a fixed payment valid for all portfolios. What happens is that each new collection portfolio has its own agreement that defines what percentage of the receipt will be destined for the advisory.

The most common is that the interest and penalties remain for the advisory and the initial amount goes to the contracting company. However, variations may occur depending on the degree of difficulty of the portfolio.

Billing Team

One of the big secrets to the success (or failure) of a collection company is team building.

Although the choice of the right profile varies according to the needs of a billing office, it is possible to know which roles should exist for best results to be obtained. Meet each of them below!

Billing Planning Analyst

As explained earlier, strategic billing planning is one of the secrets to the success of a billing advisor. To put it into practice, several professionals need to be involved in the operation.

The billing planning analyst acts as the first piece for everything to work as smoothly as possible within an operation. It has the role of planning the operators’ routine, taking into account the amount of available daily hours, the difficulty of the wallet and which tools will be used during this process.

An example of the daily situation for the billing planning analyst is the success analysis of contacts made by operators to understand the best audiences, times, days and contact methods. With this information, he plans the coming days using learning to leverage the success of debt recovery.