The filming Choices as per The Requirement

Generalist by nature, a corporate film presents a company or a brand in a transversal manner. It is content that can be used in many events (conferences, seminars, seminars, etc.), but also with your online promotional tools or on social networks. An institutional film structures your video communication. It is a solid foundation on which to build to diversify your content and involve all your stakeholders around this project. In case of franchise filming this is important.

The advantages of an institutional corporate video

To the question “what exactly is your company doing?”, It can be tempting to answer with a long speech or a long text that is sometimes unstructured, hesitant, too long or too conceptual. Not ideal for making you want to know more about you.

Yet this is the kind of question that a future employee, a prospect, a former client who has not followed your recent news, an influencer, a local politician, a business leader in your community, or a school or university you want to partner with.

  • This is the reason why a well calibrated film is always better than a long speech.
  • A corporate corporate video has the merit of adapting to most of these situations. In three minutes, she can deliver key messages, summarize a mission, share values ​​and create a positive experience for people watching.
  • The kind of video that will make people want to take an interest in what you really do.
  • Through its transversal action, an institutional video reaches all audiences. It is generalist, goes to the essentials and is designed to provide added value.

An institutional video is a balance between content and form, between interviews, testimonials, plans of illustrations, visual animations and brand values. Work that values ​​your organization, its employees, its customers and a know-how or a philosophy that only video can convey so effectively.

Make an institutional corporate film with 1min30

Calling on professionals for the production of your corporate corporate film is the guarantee of having a quality end product that achieves all your objectives. There is a controlled process with several well-structured steps that call for multiple skills and multidisciplinary teamwork.

First step, the definition of the project

What is your objective? What do you mean? Why? Who is your target? Simple questions that put your project in context.

This is the role of the kick-off meeting that we organize in an agency. A way to build a global concept based on your vision and our expertise.

Second step, writing

Nothing can be done without good preparation and solid writing. Storyboards, scenarios, setting up the organization this step is essential to conceptualize an idea, make it concrete and share it.

Third step, production

We are in the field with our film crew. Because the organization has been carefully planned and prepared, we know exactly what raw material we need to deliver a high quality end product to you. Whether it’s the technicality (sound, light and framing), the content (interviews, tone, style and editorial line) or the form (animations, visual dressing and design), everything is under control.

Fourth floor, editing and storytelling

Now is the time to transform the raw material into a finished product. Editing is a decisive step, because it is this which gives the meaning, the rhythm and which tells a credible story, real and capable of conveying emotions. This work is a collaborative project involving an editing professional, but also a writer and the person in charge of the project by your side.

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