Tent Rental For Weddings

The rental of tents for weddings is very common in the hot and sunny months. It is one of the most special days in our lives, and we want to make sure that everything goes well. However, many of us choose to celebrate the wedding or the treat outdoors, which makes that day even more special and beautiful.

It seems like a contradiction because you want to get married on a sunny day without being too hot, but you suffer at the possibility of having a rainy day on your wedding day. The solution is to rent a wedding tent. What are the benefits?

Advantages Of Renting Wedding Tents

  • You can no longer worry about rain or excess heat.
  • You can be in contact with the outside being adequately protected.
  • You have a limited enclosure where you can carry out any act
  • It is not expensive since the rental is only for one day.
  • The possibility of decorating the tent for your wedding with floral motifs or in any way makes your ceremony more spectacular.
  • You do not have to worry about the assembly or disassembly of the carp too. In just 3 or 4 hours you can have the tent set up.

However, a lot of people bet on tents from party tent manufacturers for their wedding day, not only for a calmer environment but also because an open and decorated tent gives more prestige to the event.

We have many types of tents depending on the shape and configuration or type of canvas. We will discuss them in details:

Tent Types Depending On The Shape

  • Polygonal tents, widely used for stages or musical events.
  • TFS (tension fabric structure) tent with ogival arch shape, suitable for hangars or very large spaces.
  • Conical shaped tent.
  • Folding tents, very frequent for promoting products or sporting events.

Tent Types According To The Configuration Or Type Of Canvas

  • Open tents, widely used in weddings for their aesthetics and contact with the outside being fully covered. The curtains of the canvas are folded over its structure and can be decorated with flowers or with any motif.
  • Tents with rectangular windows, are used when you want to have contact with the outside and natural but controlled light, and you want to be covered laterally.
  • Transparent tents, widely used also at weddings, allow full visual contact with the outside but being fully protected.