Some tips to help you start your own E-sport tournament

E-sport is a blooming industry that gets millions of dollars in sponsorships and from the viewership that it has around the world. Tim Meakin Toton lad, and business expert shares his views on the business end of the things and believes that it has exponential potential and can yield a lot larger profit amounts and viewership in the future.

From grass root tournaments to professional leagues, there are a lot of organizers around the world. You can also start your own tournament at grass root level and can eventually develop it further. If you wish to do so or are trying to get your league up and running, the following tips might be helpful for you.

Build a good online presence

Having a good online presence is important for widespread promotion of the league. Make sure that you are active on social media platforms, have your own site and are allow regularly commenting and posting in popular gaming forums. This will allow you to reach out to a larger audience and will help you to get a larger number of participants in the start. Also, the skill level of players that participate in your tournament will go up as the league gets famous. This will also establish your credibility and will get you more sponsors.

Find a nice venue and offer good rewards

Venue and the reward for winning are two of the most important factors that can make your tournament famous in no time. Analyze the space you require for holding the league for the game that participants will be playing and accordingly decide a venue that can comfortably hold that many people. Also, never forget to consider the audience. Last but not the least, setting up a good prize for the winners is important. Try to provide fair rewards to more and more participants by creating awards like audience choice, best shot or MVP etc.


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