Shipping Oversize Loads to other Countries

It often happens there is necessary to transport heavy machinery with high structure. In this case, it’s inevitable to use low bed, or otherwise called low loader trailer and this is in hungarian: mindig mélybölcsős szállítás kell a nagy gépekhez.


This company operating out of Hungry has the unique experience of moving oversized loads, both for international and domestic companies or organizations. They have experience in both importing and exporting. They have been doing this work since 2005 so they have plenty of experience.

Low-bed transport

Due to this experience, there are few problems as they have methods that are flawless – both inside Germany or Netherlands. With low-bed transports, they are committed to handling shipments that are oversized and do so with great care. They make every effort to make certain that any shipment arrives in the exact condition it was in before the start of the transport – exactly to the location the customer requests and they meet all deadlines. The customer does not have to do anything with the oversize shipment – except pay the agreed upon price. They guarantee a perfect job every time.

Items shipped

This company has experience with oversized shipments of many of the following types:

  • Reinforced concrete elements;
  • Steel structures; 
  • Wooden houses;
  • Tanks;
  • Mining machines;
  • Machinery used in agriculture;
  • Other industrial machinery.

Special pricing

Thanks to this experience, you will be given a reasonable quoted price for any special orders such as:

  • Tractor transport;
  • Earthmoving equipment.
  • Other specialized oversize loads.


No matter where your equipment needs to be – this company will get it there for you. Countries they have operated in, include:

  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Great Britain;
  • Netherlands;
  • Spain;
  • Ireland;
  • Portugal.

Whereever you need these oversized loads to be shipped, this company can get it there and save you money at the same time.