Seedrs – An Amazing P2P Platform for Investing in Higher Growth Companies

What is seedrs?

Established in 2009 by the name of seedrs limited is operating under the brand name seedrs. It is a P2P platform specializing in crowdfunding. And it is one of the best and oldest platforms for stocks investment.

It is a well-established platform launched in 2012. It allows new businesses to hike the capital by promoting the crowd or investors who buy the company’s share. It is completely different from the platforms that deal in lending money to new companies.

Lets understand more about seedrs with a quick Seedrs crowdfunding review below.

Is investing money in company’s with seedrs platforms secure?

Seedrs gives you the advantage of complete transparency for your funds. Your (Investor’s) money is transferred direct6ly to the companies. Seedrs is must a platform that gives you the facility of investing it does not keep the money you invest.

Benefits of investing in Seedrs?

Investing in seedrs offer several advantages like:

  • Larger potential: early business speculations lead to a bigger fixed price investment.
  • Tax advantages: tax advantages are provided to the companies eligible for SIES. If the investment is in hold for a specific period, then they allow tax deduction.
  • Assistance to new companies: If your investment is greater then it allows you discounts and several advantages. You can add direct assistance for new startups.
  • Fees charged only on profits: You don’t have to pay any fee to maintain your account. Only a minimal amount is payable when you get profits. But investor’s get fine, if they sell the investment.
  • Good connection: You (i.e. investors) are regularly informed with regular updates.

Seedrs review: How it works?

Here is a quick Seedrs review for you to know how seedrs work? You will get to know about the different campaigns that seedrs offers to their investors:

  • Equity campaigns: It one of the most used and simplest campaigns. With this campaign the investors and shareholders get some ownership in companies’ business you have invested in. You can get this franchise from just € 10.
  • Convertible campaigns: These convertible campaigns help you convert into future share campaigns from just € 10. It’s something that you don’t get in other investment platforms. It’s a good option for the companies that hope for larger rounds of funding.
  • Fund Campaigns: This campaign allows you to invest in multiple companies at same time. You can become shareholder in each startup by just investing only 100 euros. And one major advantage you get with this is that you can diversify your investment.

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