Magento Mightyforms Pdf Filling Forms

Magento is an online tool that lets you create a questionnaire, a report, or any other sort of form. It offers you a lot of ease and comfort when building forms due to its world-class features. One of its striking qualities is that it does not require you to have superlative coding or programming skills. Even if you are not an IT person, you can create forms on Magento PDF Filling Forms effortlessly. The quality is guaranteed and the templates are available to help you out as a beginner. The attributes that make it idiosyncratic are:

It is a simple drag-and-drop builder

You must be familiar with what is drag-and-drop. It is the simplest way you can use to transfer objects or files from one location to the other. Similar is its action in the Magento PDF Filling Forms. You can simply drag what you want from the bar and drop it in your desired location, anywhere in the form. This feature is specifically designed for the naïve users who have less or no knowledge otherwise about creating and inserting forms.

With Magento, you can create any type of forms like,

  • Email subscription forms
  • Surveys 
  • Questionnaires
  • Mailing lists
  • Service requests
  • Feedback 
  • Contact forms

Online filling PDF forms

PDF is created with one sole purpose and that is to make it permanent. That means you cannot edit the file or change anything in it, not even the format. This is one of the best things ever happened to online documents. Because if they are allowed to be edited, anyone can change anything in it, and it can cause a copyright issue. But, it is troublesome when several admission or request forms are created online in PDF versions. It is so because to fill them, people first have to convert them in other formats that can be edited. This destroys the integrity of the document.

With Magento PDF Filling Forms, you can create fillable forms. That means these are PDF forms that can be filled without converting them into other formats. The best part is that the person filling the form cannot change or edit anything in the form, except for submitting the required things. You can select fields from your uploaded PDF forms, can add certain other fields in it and arrange it in the way you want.

These forms are responded to online and the one filling it can also add a digital signature in the end if you want her/him to. Link your email to the form and the responses are directly sent to the address provided. The admin board also saves each submission and you can download each response from the dashboard.

It protects you from spam

Invalid submissions or responses are commonly faced by many people. With Magento, you and your forms are protected from these spams as it has a re-captcha V3 to protect the form. You can also set valid input fields so the responses not required cannot be submitted. Tooltips can help the responder to provide the right sort of information.

Google integrations

You can always link your form to your google account and receive every response on the google drive. In this way, the integrations help you access data whenever and wherever you want. Along with it, Magento PDF Filling Forms can capture real-time data that keeps a record of every submission and analyzes it as soon as a response is submitted.

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