Is Torque Trading a scam?

Have you come across the company Torque Trading Systems? If you did, chances are that you’ll see negative reviews associating it with ‘scams’.

With such mixed reviews floating around the internet, I took time to research and dive into the company and see if it’s really a scam… My verdict? It’s a legit company.

Why and how did I derive such a conclusion? All the answers are in this article!

In this article, I will review and provide a summary of information about the company background, how it works, and legit reasons why it’s not a scam.

What Is Torque Trading Systems?

Torque Trading Systems

Torque Trading Systems is a company that’s created with the sole purpose of providing investors an alternative to take control and self-manage cryptocurrency portfolios.

Currently operating in 5 countries across Asia, this company is driven by a team of traders with over a decade of trading experience in traditional markets and instruments, who discovered huge opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies. Today, Torque is led by at least 60 members with the largest team of coders. Would a scam need to operate in so many countries, with such an amount of members? We think not.

How does Torque Trading Systems work?

Using the most advanced technology development, Torque is driven largely by algorithms, connected to more than 15 exchanges globally, ensuring risk-free and profitable trades. Torque’s strategies revolve around arbitrage and scalping.

What is Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the trading practice of simultaneously buying and selling in order to profit from a difference in price. In the Cryptocurrency market, arbitrage can exist often due to poor or lack of regulatory framework. Taking advantage of this, Torque aims to build a network of resources by utilizing the crowd to benefit from these arbitrage opportunities. Since transactions occur all within the same time, there is no holding period, hence this is a risk-free profit strategy. Would a scam be introducing a strategy as such? We don’t think so — hence Torque is as real as it gets.

What is Scalping

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”– Tanzanian proverb.

Another strategy used by Torque, is Scalping. Per the proverb, Scalping typically makes lesser profits per trade but by executing a vast number of small trades, it will still add up to a substantial, bigger profit. This strategy is largely based on technical analysis, but more importantly, a robust algorithm that can consistently and swiftly execute accurate trades within a short timeframe to profit from the small price changes. This is a bigger sign that Torque is not a scam, since the most frauds would want to make money as quick as possible to ‘hook’ their victims. Instead, Torque obviously values long-term ROI.

Reasons why Torque Trading Systems is NOT a scam

If the above isn’t convincing enough for you, here’s a list of more reasons why Torque is a genuine company.

Reasons why Torque is legit

  1. Real offices for you to visit at any time (not a mailbox company).
  2. Real trading activities that you can monitor one of many bots live via app / portal.
  3. Real management team, experienced in financial markets.
  4. Real and market-parallel daily bonus.
  5. You can manually reinvest profits.
  6. No penalty fees.
  7. No freezing deposit, withdraw at any time.
  8. Under legal Singapore jurisdiction.
  9. 24/7 responsive customer service team.
  10. 100% transparency of ROI generation.
  11. Realistic profitability between 8–15% per month.

Start trading with us now!

To start, all you need is a minimum investment of 1 ETH. Scammers definitely would set their bars higher than 1 ETH. Plus, what have you got to lose with such an amount? Try it to believe it yourself.

Website: www.Torque.Asia


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