Is Installing Solar Panels in Oregon Worth It?

Solar panels are a smart installation to save your energy bills and to get maximum of the natural sunlight. These panels are good for environment and widely popular among the people nowadays. People in Oregon often get confused whether the solar panel installation is good for them or not as they experience rainy season maximum time. They often think Oregon solar incentives, tax credits, and rebates are worth paying or not.

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Why rain is important too?

There is no problem in including solar panels even if you experience rain most of the time as they can give you energy even from the minimum day light they get. The rain is also important to keep the panels clean regularly as it washes away all the dirt and debris collected on it so they can function properly.

How solar works on rainy day?

People in Oregon rethink many times about is solar power worth it or not. They can work on the infrared light and diffused daylight. Even on the cloudy and rainy day, the atmosphere is not completely dark. There is a light penetrating from the clouds called as diffused light beam and solar panels can produce energy through it. These panels can work on the infrared in an effective way as these rays have long wavelength and visible spectrum. Solar Panels absorb maximum light giving you better results. Thus, installing solar panels is worth it.

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Keep shadow away for better results

If you own solar panels for producing energy then make sure you keep the things that can produce shadows on the surface of the panel. If you are having trees that have widespread branches, trimming the branches to clear the panel surrounding is important. This is done so that maximum sunlight can reach the panels to give you better results.

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