How to convert website visitors into customers 

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Every business today needs and should have a website. However, this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get customers. Many businesses worry too much about getting people to visit their website that they forget to convert them into customers when they visit their page.

If you have high traffic but low conversions, there are a number of things that you can do to improve your website performance. In this guide from a Dundee marketing agency, you’ll learn how to turn those that visit your website into paying customers.

1. Ensure your website works

This sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised how often this is overlooked. If there are broken links or content that isn’t loading properly or is simply slow, you won’t get the conversions that you need. Just one or a combination of these factors will harm your SEO and cause many of your visitors to abandon your website. Take the time to regularly check your website to ensure that everything is working as it should be.

2. Be visible to the right people

Simply put, attracting a million people to your website won’t matter much if they aren’t interested in your products or services. This is why it’s so important to do targeted marketing activity that is aimed to attract your ideal customer rather than just anyone. If the right people are coming to your site, you’ll start to see a better conversion rate.

3. Have clear CTAs

A call to action is a clear instruction of what you want your customer to do. Having great content and lots of well-written is great, but if it doesn’t prompt your website visitors to do anything, you won’t get the conversions that you’re looking for. Try to have a clear call to action on each page of your website.

4. Have clear social proof

If the people visiting your website are new or don’t trust your business, they’re less likely to have over their hard-earned cash. Having reviews on your website can help with this! You can pull these from a review website, or have them posted directly on your page – it’s up to you. Be sure that these reviews are authentic and if you have images of publications that have written about you – hyperlink them. Don’t try to pull a fast one on your potential customers.

5. Make your sight easy to navigate

The layout of your website matters. If it’s confusing and your customers can’t find what they’re looking for they will just go somewhere else. Simplicity is key here. Try to make your website as user-friendly as possible.

Final Thoughts

By following the tips in this, you should start to see a positive change in the conversion rate of your website. Good luck!