Hiring an in-home caregiver through an agency

Are you unsure of how to go about hiring a 護理員? Though there are many agencies that provide in-home caregiving services, there are many stories about in-home care givers who are undertrained, abusive, or unsupervised.  Thus ensuring that you research on an agency for caregiving services and taking the right steps to hire a 護理員 agency will ensure you get the right one to meet your needs and that your loved ones are safe and taken care of well in the hands of the in-home 護理員.

Assess your needs

The in-home help availability ranges from keeping senior company to companion care and assisting in light errands for housekeeping, all to the skilled nursing for individuals who have health conditions that are debilitating. If you are not sure of the best one for your elderly, your initial assessment or your physician or home care provider might help you in determining the type of help that will best suit your situation. 

Work with a reputable agency

There are some family caregivers who consider doing a direct hire to provide the care instead of going through the home-care agency. When working directly with a 護理員, it might make you to save on some costs. It would be best if you remembered that when you choose that way, you will be acting as the employer and thus, be responsible for oversight, firing, hiring, checking background, and certification confirmation. 

When you work with a reputable agency, there is a great shartha that you hand off the duties, making you focus on the caregiver role to the family instead of being an employer and a family caregiver. 

Ask for background checks of the caregiver

You don’t have to feel bad for being picky about the person you allow to provide care for your older adult. You will need to ask the agency if they have done background checks on their caregivers, the method they used to do the reviews. If you are uncomfortable about the agency for home care’s screening procedures for caregivers, it might be okay to trust your guts and move to another agency. 

Ask about the training of the caregivers

Ask about the certification and training of the caregivers for meeting the employment criteria if there are any. Certification such as CPR as well as First Aid might give you the peace of mind that your older adult will receive basic aid in case of emergency while the caregiver is in-home. Exceptional cultural capacity or language skills like training to be able to work with LGBT community members or Holocaust survivors might be necessary for your needs. 

Ask to find out if the agency meets the requirements for local certification 

Requirements needed for certification of home care agencies tend to vary from one state to the next. Being able to enquire about the state certification for the agency status might help you in gauging how legit the agencies are and ensure that the regulatory agencies are monitoring it. You will need to contact your local area agency regarding aging – FCA might help with that.  Or you can opt for your local senior services department.

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