Garbage Trucks Pose a Great Risk – Don’t Underestimate Them

Greg Baumgartner, a Texas Truck Accident Lawyer, has recently revealed the increasing danger posed by garbage trucks, as cases of accidents that involve these trucks are growing at a rate that is very alarming. 

According to recent research, it has been discovered that garbage trucks are the cause of many more deaths than other kinds of vehicles. This is found to be true in places such as Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. 

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There are several things about garbage trucks that make it a danger to other vehicles on the road. The size of these trucks is one of those factors. An average garbage truck weighs about 80,000 pounds, and you can imagine how destructive such a heavy vehicle will be if involved in a collision with a smaller vehicle or even an unwitting pedestrian. In fact, the chances of serious injury or even death increases almost by five times when a garbage truck is involved in any accident compared with a normal crash.

Another factor responsible for the reason garbage trucks pose so great a risk is that they often have blind spots. These blind spots are so dangerous such that if any vehicle, object or person stands in these spots, they will not be seen by the truck driver until it is too late,and this could result in a fatal accident if the trucker is not paying attention.

Getting involved in accidents that involve garbage trucks can be terrible—even more devastating if permanent damage to yourself is sustained. Yet, you should be able to get some form of compensation for this kind of experience if you talk to the right attorney. 

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