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Relocation comes with lots of excitement and challenges. There are many people who,after settling down to the new country,overlook and even are not aware that they have to fill their US federal tax returns and eventually end up paying huge late-fees and penalties. Using the streamlined tax amnesty program, everyone can experience the convenience of submitting their tax returns to the IRS and can save their hard-earned money from unnecessary wastage. If you have a lack of time, knowledge, or resources to prepare a tax return,then seek the help of a specialist international tax team who, with their years of experience, qualification, and adequate expertise, can provide you a quick and cost-effective solution.

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With the simple and very straightforward online process, American citizens who are outside of the United States for at least 330 days can catch up on their unsettled US tax returns with great ease. Under the Foreign Offshore Procedures, delinquent taxpayersneed to pay only the unpaid taxes and interest and can avoid all other penalties. Hence choose the best team after proper evaluation of certain aspects and have peace of mind

  • Ensure the IRS licenses the tax professionals
  • Check the qualification, experience, and approach of the accountants
  • The simple, updated and user-friendly online interface
  • Prompt response and exceptional customers service
  • Competitive fees and packages
  • Fast, secure and safe transaction procedure
  • Protection of clients’ personal and financial information

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In today’s digital era, you can get every bit of information such as qualification for the streamlined tax amnesty program, minimum income threshold, how to fill the online questionnaire, point of contact, how to share tax documents, etc. on the website of reputable online tax prep company. Most of the reliable tax prep companies know that each client is unique and respect their time and money. To ensure the concise, quick, and smooth experience of tax submitting, choose the best team, and get rid of redundant penalties and late fees.

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