Extension springs are widely used 

Spring is the elastic device that has mechanical energy stored in it. Springs are made from various elastic materials but the most common is steel. Among the different types of springs usage of extension springs is vast. It is attached to both the ends of the object and helps it to come back together. 

Extension springs usage

  • Garage doors – extensions springs are widely used in garage doors. They are attached to the sides of your door. These springs come in role when door is lowered or raised. They help you to easily do this without making you feel like lifting hundred pounds of weight. 
  • Trampolines – trampolines are always fun. Every other kid has used the trampoline while playing with friends. These trampolines are also having extension springs attached to it. These springs provide you the bounce which is the main purpose of trampoline. It can include hundreds of extension springs as more the springs attached to it, more bouncy it will become. 
  • Toys – you can find extension springs in many toys used for shooting actions however they are not safe for the children. Toys that involve throwing actions and fast motions use these types of springs in them. Some of the safest and most popular toys that include extension springs are pinball machines and windup toys. 
  • Washing machines – while thinking the usage of these springs you may not think about washing machines in the list but they are an important part of the machine. When you switch your washing machine, the drum inside it spins at a very high speed having all your clothes. Without these extension springs, this drum will not be able to spin at its place and keep banging against walls of machine making loud noises. 
  • Farm equipments – extension springs are also used in farm equipments as they include large amount of pulling and strengths. You will find them in tractors, combine harvesters, etc.