Eco-friendly flooring dos and dont’s

If you have decided that your flooring needs a bit of a refresh but want to make sure that the choices you make are environmentally friendly and sustainable, here are some factors to consider before making any final decisions.

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– Be tempted by uncertified flooring options because they are cheaper. You will not save a huge amount and you will be contributing to the damage of the planet and the potential exploitation of workers – it is just not worth it.

– Limit yourself. You may have had your heart firmly set on a solid hardwood floor; however, by considering all the options available, you may discover something completely different that better meets your needs and is kinder to the environment. You may fall in love with tiles made entirely from recycled aluminium or decide that the ease of laying engineered wood is more beneficial to you than undertaking a huge renovation project.


– Look for flooring options made from wood from sustainable sources. These products will usually bear the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo, which will guarantee that the item you are purchasing has been made using environmentally-appropriate methods and is economically fair.

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– Thoroughly research your options before making a final decision. Bamboo flooring is widely considered to be one of the greenest, eco-friendly choices because it grows so quickly; however, you may find that it has been treated with pesticides that could potentially be harmful. Again, looking for FSC-certified products will help you to identify the best options.

– Consider the benefits of engineered wood flooring. This is easy to install over existing floors, meaning you won’t need to send excess material to landfill, and this flooring does not use as much wood as its hardwood alternative.

– Think about linoleum, especially if you suffer with allergies, as it is easy to keep clean and won’t emit any irritating substances. Made from natural materials, this durable flooring option is affordable, easy to install, and is the greener alternative to synthetic PVC.

– Make sure that you choose a flooring option that you love and is sustainable. In this way, you can enjoy your home safe in the knowledge that you made the right decision for you, your lifestyle and the environment.

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