Custom-made pallet truck wheels and rollers

There are instances in the industrial sector that require custom-designed and manufactured pallet truck wheels and rollers.

These cases mainly involve the type of flooring to be used, but also the conditions under which pallet trucks shall operate, in the presence of particular materials.

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Design of pallet truck wheels and rollers upon request of customer companies

We deem it useful to analyse how a leading company in the field of industrial wheels, such as Tellure Rôta, works in relation to a company’s request for designing pallet truck wheels of rollers.

Tellure Rôta’s structure includes a research and development laboratory. In particular, TRLab – Test & Research Laboratory is an industrial scientific research facility, whose activity is mainly dedicated to the sector of wheels and brackets and carried out by means of research, development and testing of innovative solutions, in order to meet the handling needs of customers working in the industrial field.

Design steps of industrial wheels and pallet truck rollers

As regards customised pallet truck wheels and rollers, the steps are as follows:- Analysis of the ideal characteristics of the pallet truck wheel or roller in relation to the different conditions of use;

– Definition of the polyurethane compounds to be proposed for different uses: resistance to stresses, use at high speed, dirty or wet floors, reduced energy loss;

– Definition of the product dimensional characteristics, based on the requirements highlighted by the pallet truck’s manufacturer;

– Simulation via software;

– Development of prototypes and presentation of prototypes to the customer

– starting production in the fully automated plants of Tellure Rôta.

Other projects developed by Tellure Rôta’s research laboratory

Apart from designing pallet truck rollers and countless types of industrial rollers, TRLab develops projects in collaboration with other Research organisations.

The following are just a few examples:

Development of methodologies and techniques for mobile robotics

This project is implemented in collaboration with the Interdepartmental Centre Intemech MO-RE of Democenter-SIPE and other industrial partners.

The activity carried out by TRLab aims at studying and defining thermal and mechanical behaviour patterns of industrial wheels with elastomeric treads.

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“Vibracustica” project

A project developed in collaboration with the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara, that focuses on the study of vibrations generated/transmitted by industrial wheels and relevant brackets, together with acoustic control methods for the quality of the adhesion between elastomer and metals

Research on the properties of elastomers

A research developed in collaboration with the Engineering Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, that focuses on studying how the properties of elastomers change by using nano-structured additives.

Customised industrial wheels and further details

For further details, refer to the single topics analysed and included in the article dedicated to pallet truck wheels and rollers.

You can also request Tellure Rôta’s consultancy for any industrial wheel project not included in standard commercial proposals, by writing to:

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