Creative and Functional Container Solutions

Traditionally shipping containers are known to carry heavy cargo or hazardous materials in large steel boxes. These shipping containers now have a variety of purposes both for domestic and commercial spaces. One of the most established container solutions is alternative housing. People with minimalist ideas used shipping containers as low-cost housing. It is an affordable choice and innovative. Some of the containers are converted into retail shops as they alleviate the cost of construction. Do you know that shipping containers are used as swimming pools? It is the most creative of all container solutions as the swimming is portable and gives out a stylish vibe.

Few more Creative container solutions

Did you ever think of using containers as ablution facilities? Yes, it is possible and highly practical when you need such facilities while working at a campsite or construction site for a prolonged period. Basins, showers and other facilities can be fixed to the container to use it as washroom or shower rooms. Also, since containers are made out of steel, they are safely used as a fire training facility. Steel material is not combustible so firefighters can initiate fire and train inside. It is also easy to contain the fire if the training procedure does not pan out well.

One of the surprising container solutions is a portable office with these containers. If your business needs additional office space or a temporary office set-up in a worksite, containers come handy. It is an affordable solution and easy to set up amenities like furniture and cabinets to make it a functional space. Interestingly many industries are using containers for refrigeration of bulk items. The structure of containers is pretty sturdy and offers good protection from external environmental factors. They can be set up with electrical control units to regulate the internal temperatures which can protect against electrical fluctuations.

Schools are made out of containers in some underprivileged areas to cut down construction costs. Adding doors and windows to the containers makes it a perfect solution for ready-made classrooms. Since everyone knows the use of containers as low-budget housing, they are also used as hostels for accommodating students. The most practical use of containers is using them as a studio space or workshop. Containers are highly pro for customization as they provide the much-needed privacy to let your creative juices flowing. They act as good spaces for professional work with space for tools and projects.

One of the green container solutions is using them as nurseries for growing plants. Indoor gardens can be maintained well in containers with sufficient lighting and water facilities. Containers are used as temporary homes or disaster homes in case of emergencies like natural disasters. They are also used in building kids’ play areas as the material is strong enough to withstand energetic kids running around.  Containers also make perfect vacation homes for a short stay when they are furnished with all the basic amenities. They can be ideally used as sheds in urban and rural places to store farming equipment and vehicles.

For Storage 

It is the biggest of all container solutions as storage is a big problem for homes and offices. All the extra paperwork, cabinets, files and folders, unused office machinery can be stored by renting out containers as they are cost affordable and reduce the rent of offices. It keeps the offices clutter-free, organized and clean. Even domestic supplies, old furniture, vacation supplies, sporting equipment, kid’s belongings when they move to college can be stored in containers. People also tend to use containers to store their rarely used vehicles as sufficient parking space is not available in urban homes.