Bloggers When Starting SEO on Blogs – Good Advices From Experienced SEO Practitioner

In some cases, Hong Kong’s new bloggers starting their blogging experience would have uncertainty of where to begin. You may well get some professional advices from an expert from a SEO company that is HK based.

In fact, you don’t want to sign up on a free blogging platform and start your blog right away. You want to have your own a domain name. Therefore, new bloggers should start with a domain name that is descriptive to the very business or niche he is heading into. In certain cases, it is good for the domain to have at least a keyword in it. This is known as a keyword domain name, and in some circumstances would have helped the organic search ranking for the specific keyword in the niche. Another factor is to consider hosting. For example, the location of the web hosting (i.e. in a Hong Kong based web server), and the bandwidth of the web server may be seriously considered.

Installing and using a WordPress software for your new blog is natural. In fact, many bloggers (including bloggers in HK and overseas) these days are using WordPress for their blogs whether their blogs are serious or casual. The upside of WordPress is that a blog built on WordPress is well known to be more search engine friendly than blogs sitting on other website builders.

Page load time matters. Google has already placed page load time in one of the factors for a website’s organic search ranking. The consideration comes from that the user experience of a site should include page load time. This fact encourages the development of faster loading sites and rewards those that directed the user to the content the quickest. For example, if you translate the page load time into the commonly used metric time to first byte (TTFB), it is the very metric that measures the time it takes for a web server to return the first byte of a site from a requested URL. It does have an impact on a site’s ranking in the search results pages of Google. This means, if your blog/site loads slower than most of other sites in the internet, your website’s ranking may be negatively affected. It also means you should check the loading time of your images/photos on the site. Minimize the image size when you believe they have slowed down your blog considerably. Lastly, do not only consider desktop users, but mobile users as well. You may not be able to optimize all, but at least make sure your site loads really fast for locally based Hong Kong users.

Other SEO work includes planning out the site architecture of the blog, and have the site architecture (or web pages) mapped to what you have achieved in the overall keyword research. With a WordPress blog, it is easy to implement. Use permalink, and target your keywords for each page and use the main keyword in your page URL.