A unique paper shredder for your personal and office duties

Office and Personal livesare full of unexpected events. Have you ever had to rid the archive of your office or of your bedreoomfrom documents that are too old and useless? Have you ever had to dedicateyourself to destroy documents using a paper shredder? Maybe everything is fine until the moment the machine jams.

Obviously, if you buy a quality product, the chances of jamming are lower. However, you could have a little time available and therefore you could want to destroy more documents than the machine is actually able to destroy. In these cases, our haste can reserve us some nasty surprises.


Your Kobra AF.1 C4 automatic auto-feed shredder

Would you like to buy one of the best paper shredders on the market?

The Kobra AF.1 C4 automatic auto-feed shredder is the most innovative and fastest automatic shredder available in the global market. Its incredible 37 sheets per minute speed allows walk-away fast shredding of large quantities of sheets. The Kobra AF.1 is characterized by a large 300 sheet paper tray and a separate entry for manual feed shredding.All this helps solvea lot of the problems we have talked about above.

The Kobra AF.1 is equipped with a continuous duty motor without overheatings, a sturdy chain and metal gear driving system for the highest durability and reliability and a special Oil-Free system. The patented ENERGY SMART® System turns in power saving stand-by mode in just 12 seconds.

4 Digit Electronic Combination Lock is available, as an option, to protect your company information from prying eyes of unauthorized persons while shredding. What do you think? Insn’t it a fantastic opportunity for your office or for your personal activities?


And if my paper shredder gets jammed?

What to do if your paper shredder jams? Surely the first thing to do is to keep calm and not to try to make it work with kicks. However, there are some small but important tricks to be taken into consideration in these circumstances.

Let’s find out them together.

  1. When your paper shredder jams, make sure the bin is empty, press the Reverse button until all the jammed paper comes out of the blades. If this does not happen, unplug the cable from the power supply and try to extract the stuck sheets by pulling them towards you. You should do this last activity slowly, continuously and without jerking;
  2. If this is not enough, try to wet the jammed sheets with a little lubricating oil. Wait a few minutes and try again;
  3. We advise you not to try something more improvise as a repairmanbecause you could permanently damage your shredder.

It is true that our last models are designed for everything, but anyway it would be better not to introduce sheets with adhesive tape or adhesive labels because the adhesive of the scotch tape and labels is very harmful: it could stick to the blades.

Anyway, we must remember that if something goes wrong, the best thing to do is to contact your Agency and to look for a repairman in order not to cause any permanent damage.

After all, are you ready to make an investment for your daily office duties?

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