5 Wide Format Printed Media That Boost Marketing Efforts

It is becoming common for businesses to include large format printing in marketing plans. Specialty printers can provide a selection of options, including extra-wide banners that are impossible to ignore. Printers include vibrant, over-sized, images, and text that ensure media stands out from competitors’ advertising. There are dozens of applications that use wide-format printing. Some of the most in-demand items include banners, wall graphics, murals, backdrops, and floor graphics.

1) Large Banners Are Eye-Catching

Wide banners offer several benefits. They are ideal for advertising sales or upcoming events. Huge, brightly colored banners grab attention at a trade show or public event. They are sturdy enough to withstand outdoor weather and can be put away and re-used. Small businesses may also choose banner advertising because it is inexpensive, so clients with small budgets can afford to order several. Professionals who provide banner printing can make them in any size, including extra-large versions that can be up to 16 feet wide.

2) Over-sized Graphics Enhance Retail Spaces

It is common for retailers to add large graphics to store sections. For example, many grocers place large images of products over each department. The media adds interest and helps customers find what they need. Bright, trendy graphics create style and give spaces a professional look. Custom images can also boost brand companies since most companies often use their business colors and logos on wall photos.

3) Murals Make Blank Spaces Useful

Printers will design and print over-sized images that clients can turn into murals. Businesses that want to take advantage of blank walls use choose murals. Unused wall space becomes a decorative feature that ties in with the company’s products or services. For example, businesses that cater to children regularly add bright designs that appeal to youngsters. Restaurants decorate surfaces with images that tie in with their themes, and spa walls often feature soothing graphics.

4) Giant Backdrops Can Brand Products

A specialty print shop also produces backdrops that serve as advertising at special events. Backdrops are out-sized and typically include step-and-repeat patterns. That means a company’s name and logo are printed multiple times. Event guests usually stand in front of the giant portable walls when they pose for photos. As a result, the company’s information is advertised every time someone looks at the pictures. Colorful, visible backdrops are an effective way to brand businesses.

5) Floor Graphics Demand Attention

Professionals who specialize in wide format printing also produce floor displays made from heavyweight laminate. Visitors can walk on the images. Businesses use custom floor graphics for several reasons. Well-designed graphics grab trade show visitors’ attention and help to brand companies. They may provide directions, have funny messages, or even include optical illusions. Colorful floor graphics in vibrant colors make an impression because they are right under peoples’ feet.

Modern companies often include oversized custom-printed materials in marketing campaigns. Large banners, floor graphics, and huge backdrops brand companies and grab attention. Custom murals may be used to enhance spaces. Retailers often order huge, unique wall graphics that are strategically placed to add interest and help clients identify store sections.

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