3 Important Trends you should know as a Retail Jeweler

As information becomes more readily accessible to the masses over the internet, the jewelry industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Two of these biggest changes are in the form of ecommerce and the growing awareness of source of diamonds. If you are a jewelry retailer, it is important that you comprehend the impact of these trends.

1. Online Shopping

As online jewelry shopping continues to grow bigger, it is important that you improve your business’ online presence. This requires investing in more engaging content to attract consumers to your site and store.

While your competition may also be moving online to draw more customers, you will have to take steps to stand out. Offering incentives in the form special discounts can be an excellent strategy to do so. Whatever kind of jewelry items you specialize in, you should realize that jewelry is an expensive purchase for most customers. So providing special discounts can always help draw their attention.

2. Information on Diamond Sources

When it comes to diamond jewelry, the 4Cs are among the most important factors taken into account. These factors are well known:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat

However, these are no longer the only facts which are required by jewelry customers. More people want to learn about the source of diamonds used in their jewelry pieces before purchasing.

The modern consumer expects responsible sourcing from the jewelers they intend to purchase their precious jewelry from. Besides, more consumers are seeking increased transparency from businesses. This has not only led to the increased demand for lab-derived diamonds, but also for pearl jewelry set.

3. Pearl Engagement Rings

Diamond has been the go-to choice for engagement rings for a long time. But more and more couples are looking for unique alternatives, recently. For example, pearl has been finding its place as the centerpiece in engagement rings for some time. And the trend seems to continue to grow.

While diamonds will always be forever, pearls have their own physical and aesthetic appeal. Pearl is an earth-friendly alternative and its so-called flaws originating out of its organic nature seem to make it just the perfect nuptial material. It is softer than diamond, needs more care, and can get damaged in an acidic environment. All these traits ideally speak about the nature of the relationship that a wedding ties between two individuals.

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