Why Is Alm Tools Necessary?

Application lifecycle management is closed related to agile development. Though, it is broader in scope where agile development is primarily a way of organizing development cycles within the product development process.  Alm is concerned with development besides with delivery and maintenance of the software over the life of the application. It covers a product from Inception to retirement, and not just the development component of a product’s life.

Relationship with Agile Development

Agile development processes extended into it operations with developers remaining involved with products long after they have been deployed. Alm tools are required in the sophistication but they often include functional testing capabilities, performance testing, deployment tools and application development management tools.

Lifecycle management methodologies

An IT leader in the enterprise needs to increase efficiency. The customers expect faster software releases and they want more value with each new release. They want an enterprise partner responsive to their need. So it is inputted to deliver great value to the customers because they expect more and expect to reduce their costs. By using application lifecycle management methodologies one can reduce costs and increasing efficiency across the application’s lifecycle. Alm tools unlock continuous delivery and enterprise agility. It can increase the value customers have come to expect.

What to look in an Alm tool for an organization?

Requirements the management

  • Paradise and schedule requirements for each release
  • Assigned requirements, tasks and incidents
  • Developer requirements and user stories, decompose into detailed tasks for resource tracking

Bug Tracking

  • Track bugs, enhancements, tricks and issues link two changes in the source code
  • Record bugs for full traceability

Project Management and the Reporting

  • Personalized dashboard and customizable reporting
  • Customizable graphs and reports and multiple formats

The Collaboration

  • Ability to attach documents, screenshot and URLs to all artefacts
  • Messaging, notifications, reviews, approvals

The Testing and QA

  • Manage manual and automated testing
  • Create, edit and execute test cases
  • Map tests to requirements to track coverage
  • Create and assign test for execution management

The Integrations

  • Deployment environments
  • Software development tools, reporting tools, etc
  • Servers

Tool that can easily develop

The Alm touches each and every phase of the invention life cycle of the software application. It assists the company’s better use Initiative it and software progress resources. With this tool one can easily develop, test, release and maintain market leading software applications. It organizes, synchronizes and coordinates the life cycle activities for development and changing software applications.

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