What to do After a Big Rig Accident

When on the road, you are diligent and conscientious, always on the lookout for hazards and threats to your safety. This is especially the case when driving next to a big rig. They are large and lumbering vehicles that must be approached with caution. Those who drive them must also do their part to prevent an accident. They should be properly trained, well-rested, and always in accordance with the rules of the road. If you have been injured in a truck accident caused by the negligence or inattention of a rig operator, then you should pursue your legal rights.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The first thing you should do is hire a big rig injury lawyer. Few people walk away from a truck accident unscathed. As you are recovering from your injuries, you should pursue your legal right to compensation.

If you did everything right and are convinced that the accident was caused by the truck driver, you want someone on your side who can help you prove it. During the initial consultation with a truck accident lawyer they will ask you to recall the events that led to the accident; they will also ask you about the injuries you sustained and the prognosis for your recovery. Your lawyer will use these statements to decide whether you have a case and as a starting point to formulate a legal strategy.

How Truck Accidents Happen

The training that truck drivers receive and the rigorous standards they must meet make big rig accidents rare. However, they do happen. And they are often caused by the conditions under which drivers are forced to work.

Although federal law mandates that big rig operators have a rest period after a certain amount of time on the road, some trucking companies ignore this rule. In the name of profit and greed, they push drivers beyond their physical limits. Rig operators, fearing for their jobs, bend under the pressure to meet deadlines and endanger themselves and other drivers. Companies that encourage or insist on this type of behavior can be held liable if it results in an accident.

Defective equipment can also cause a big rig accident. Trucking companies must maintain a rigorous system of safety checks and inspections. No truck should be allowed on the road unless it has been deemed safe. If you were injured in a truck accident that was caused by a defective truck part, you can sue both the trucking company and the manufacturer of the part.

How an Attorney Can Help

The first thing your lawyer will do is launch their own investigation into the accident. They will employ professional investigators to gather the facts, the forensic evidence, and the expert and eyewitnesses needed to prove the liability of the trucking company. The case need not go to trial. Your lawyer may be able to present enough evidence to the respondent to get them to settle out of court. In most instances, the trucking company will want to negotiate a fair settlement rather than take their chances with a jury.

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