What is Paykasa?

The question of what is Paykasa is usually the question that people who first hear about it are researched. Paykasa is a secure payment method. With this method, after you complete your shopping on any e-commerce site, if you do not want to use your bank information, you can pay with paykasa. Each paykasa card is used for one time only and you cannot use the paykasa card numbers given to you after you use them in your purchases because use and horse is paykasa. For example, if you buy a 50 € paykasa your shopping costs 45 €, you will either ignore the amount of 5 € or add another 5 € worth of products or services to your basket. Otherwise the remaining € 5 will be gone to the trash. So I spend 45 € with paykasa now and with the remaining 5 € there is no such thing as shopping later. You only use it once. This is one of the situations that paykasa users should pay maximum attention to. Make sure you shop as much as your paykasa card amount, or after completing your purchase, provide the same paykasa value as your basket.

Where to get Paykasa

We talked about what Paykasa is upstairs. If you want to pay with this card, where to buy the card. There are official sales sites in our country that sell these and similar prepaid cards. do not purchase outside of these sites. So just buy from official sites. If you trust every site or person that comes in front of you, your mouth will burn. Paykasa is the second important factor to pay attention to when choosing the official sites. Turkey has also made sales to paykas method that legal firms, companies engaged in the sale of prepaid card you can obtain this card. Examples of these sites are Apple card. Apple card is one of the first prepaid card sales companies. Site address: https://www.elmakart.com/