Wall Decals  – Spruce Up Your Space

Interested to add a touch of class or personality to your home or office? Looking to decorate the space without introducing space consuming items such as furniture and lighting? Beyond adding colours to a wall and making it pretty, artsy wall decors can help you establish a message or a story. Subsequently, they make good conversation starters and create a form of branding for commercial spaces. The best part of which is sheer variety of application that is possible. These decors could be inspirational or moving, random or funny, the only limit is your creativity. 

However, one barrier to wall decorations has typically been the difficulty in ideation and execution of designs. Not many of us are comfortable with paint brushes in hand, with little room for error. Nor may we be keen to spend large sums hiring professional painters to decorate our space. Fortunately for us, a highly viable alternative exists in wall decals, or more commonly known as wall stickers. Here are four reasons you should use wall decals to give your space a personality.

Firstly, wall decals are highly versatile, possibly more so than paint. The accuracy that can be achieved with wall decals surpasses that of paint when done by the ordinary joe. As such, any digital visual can be printed and made ready for immediate application by the buyer. Oftentimes, buyers opt to get a mixture of word phrases and illustrations to deliver a compelling image in their space. 

Secondly, wall decals are very user friendly, requiring only careful placement and application to the surface in question. Unlike paint, wall decals can easily be removed, similar to that of wallpapers. Additionally, they utilise a temporary adhesive which ensures that your wall paint will not be damaged if the decal is removed from the surface.

Thirdly, wall decals are highly durable, lasting for years once applied to a surface. Moreover, they can be wiped down without damage being sustained. This allows you to keep the surface clean without worry of chipping or colour loss.

Lastly, they cost relatively less than paint jobs due to the simplicity of materials used. Furthermore, the time involved in applying the sticker is very much less than other wall decoration methods. Overall, wall decals from an interior design company that offers professional commercial interior design services are an excellent option if you want an intricate design without the hassle of having to paint the surface either by yourself or with the help of professional painters. 

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