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Studies show that 4 out of 10 students want to get a job right after finishing 12th. If you belong to this category, you are in the right place. Finding jobs after 12th has become quite easy as compared to, maybe, ten years ago. And with this rise in opportunities, 12th pass jobs are available in every part of this country. For instance, jobs in Indore for 12th pass students have seen a sudden rise in the past couple of years.

In fact, jobs for 12th pass students are present in non-metro cities as well. But the question is, what kind of jobs are available for 12th pass students? Let’s take a look:

Primary School Teacher

If teaching is your passion but you do not have a degree in Education, then this could be your possible entry into the teaching field. All you need is a strong academic record along with great communication as well as interpersonal skills. Working as a primary school teacher can help you turn your passion into your profession. You will not only get to gain relevant experience but also gain a lot of practical knowledge.

The starting salary for a primary school teacher is somewhere between, INR 8-10k. However, in some private schools, you might get higher pay than 10k. Gaining relevant certifications can also help you negotiate for a better salary.

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 Indian Army

Joining the army is a dream shared by many youngsters. But there are not many people who know that it is possible to get a job in the Indian Army after 12th. There are many posts that you can apply for after finishing the 12th, like clerk, soldier GD, soldier technical, etc. Furthermore, if you wish to become an officer in the army, you must prepare for the NDA. The job security is enviable and the pay is really good too.

The salary will vary according to the post, for instance, the starting salary for a havildar is INR 40k or for a subedar, it is 50k.

Merchant Navy

Jobs in Merchant Navy are some of the highest paying opportunities for a 12th pass. Many people want to join the merchant navy since it provides great travel opportunities as well as a solid paycheck. While that is true, the merchant navy is also one of the most challenging jobs you can possibly think of. Living on a ship for 6 months and sometimes even more than that is not easy.

The salary for merchant navy jobs varies according to your post and can be anywhere between 12k to 4LPA.

Event Management

Event management is a great career choice for those who seek excitement in their jobs. Planning different events like weddings, parties, concerts, etc can be thrilling for those who love to meet new people and have great organizing skills. However, as a 12th pass, this is not an easy career option since you will not be able to handle everything alone. Event management requires coordination with a huge team as well as looking after dozens of checklists and items.

Hence, it is recommended to work under someone in the initial phase of your career. Once you gain enough experience, you can confidently do your own gigs.

Your salary while working under some other professional will lie somewhere between INR 7 to 8k per month. But once you start doing your own thing, you can easily earn more than 50k per month, sometimes even more, depending on the level of the event you are organizing. The bigger the gig, the more money you get.


Most people are under the impression that a 12th pass can merely volunteer at an NGO. This cannot be far from the truth. In fact, there are many job opportunities at an NGO right after you finish your 12th. NGOs need candidates for different parts of their work. For instance, they need content developers to showcase their work or event management candidates to help them organize various events and functions.

If your heart lies in helping society and working for a big cause, then finding a job at an NGO is a great option. As a fresher, you might not get a fat paycheck but the experience you gain working here will be invaluable. When starting out, you might get a salary around INR 6-8k per month, however, once you gain experience and claim your way up the hierarchy, you can easily earn around INR 50k per month or more, as a manager.

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There is no business that can run without a marketing team. Hence, organizations – big or small, are always looking for young talented people to hire and train. If you the flare to sell anything and know how to engage with your audience, marketing is a great field with limitless opportunities. To work in marketing, you need great communication skills and the power to grasp every piece of product information. If you have these skills, that’s all the company would expect from a fresher because it is essential to promote their product successfully.

As a fresher, you can easily earn up to INR 10-12k per month working in marketing. Most companies have great benefits and a promotion structure that can take your career to new heights. These promotions are entirely performance-based. So if you are a great performer, chances are you are on your way to early promotion.


If you are one of those people who have a passion for capturing moments in your beloved camera, then working as a photographer is a great career option for you. Gone are the days when photography was considered just a hobby. Photography has so many genres to explore and specialize in. It is not necessary to state the power of photography as a medium of information. Big magazines and newspapers rely on talented photographers for their businesses to flourish in this competitive market.

It is best to work as a paid intern under an expert when you are starting out. This way, you will be able to gain practical knowledge and understand photography as a profession. Once you have enough experience you can do your own thing. As a fresher, you can earn around INR 10-15k while working as an intern. However, keep in mind that this salary depends entirely on the person you are working for, as well as the skills you possess.

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