Three Signs When You Should Get Your Wristwatch Checked by Professional Watch Repair and Service Shop

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 Servicing your watch goes through many complicated procedures, such as opening the timepiece, disassembling its movements, and cleaning its components. Some parts might need repairing or replacing in case of any damage. The watchmaker then adjusts and times the watch for accuracy. 

But how do you know if your wristwatch needs a repair or service? Most watch brands recommend a service every four years, while others stretch it up to ten years. However, some signs indicate it is time to send your watch to a service center. 

  1. Moisture in the Watch Case

Moisture can damage any watch by causing corrosion inside its movement. If there is moisture or condensation underside your watch’s glass, get it checked with a professional at your earliest.   

  • Unable to Show Accurate Time

Every watch has an error margin of up to four seconds slow or six seconds fast. Some luxury watches may come with a sticker error margin too. If your timepiece cannot keep the accurate time by running slower or faster than the said margin, send it for a professional inspection. 

  • Loose or Tight Components

An average automatic watch has at least hundreds of different components that can get crowded upon wearing. If you notice the hands of the wristwatch are loose or there is a rattling type noise inside the timepiece, the screw might have left its place. You may want to get it checked with a reputable and experienced professional for the repair.

It is always a good idea to take your watch to an authorized professional repair or service facility if you notice any of the above signs. You might want to have it checked for water resistance and magnetization or repaired for damaged parts. To find a reliable watch repair and service center in the UK, visit  

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