Things Buyers Do while searching for Homes for Sale That Sellers Don’t Like

So, you visit homes for sale in Utah and meet the owner. You might share a few talks here and there, but in most cases, the conversation is mum. You might say or do a few things that fill up the conversation but will end up offending your seller, which can ruin the deal as well. 

Here are a few things you might be doing as a buyer than your seller will not like. 

Don’t overexpress your love for the house

This might sound lame, for instance, because what must be wrong in complimenting a house to its owner? Well, there is nothing wrong, but make sure you don’t overdo it. You never know what the ideology behind a homeowner selling his house is. The chances are that the owner is unwillingly selling off his residence due to some issues, and you bragging continuously about the new homes for sale in St George Utah you are going to purchase can hurt the seller’s feelings. Thus, even if you are in absolute love with the property, stay calm, and pass limited compliments only. 

Another downside to telling how much you love the house can be difficult negotiations. If the owner is selling his St George homes for sale for business purposes only, your love for the house can be a significant negotiation barrier. The seller can raise the prices at the last moment if he feels you like the property just too much to let it go, which can affect the final cost and sale. Therefore, be neutral when visiting a property. 

Telling you are looking for other options as well

If you discuss with the seller about other properties you are looking at, it will give the impression that you are not serious about the particular home. This can lead the seller to lose interest in your offer and persuade him to look for other buyers. Therefore, even if you are visiting ten other properties, don’t discuss it with either the seller or their realtors. 

Discussing your financial struggles

Sellers are looking for serious buyers, and if you share your money problems you are facing, such as low credit score or a past bankruptcy, you might raise doubts in the mind of the seller. Buyers are less likely to pay all-cash and usually apply for a mortgage. If you have not qualified for it yet and discuss the financial struggles that might prevent you from qualifying, the seller might avoid getting into serious conversations with you. If you are into immense financial trouble, it is certainly not the right time to purchase homes for sale in Saint George Utah. If you have had a bad financial past but are now out of it, keep it to yourself. The last thing you want is to let the sellers think they are wasting their time talking to you and accepting your offer. 

Don’t make unrealistic negotiations

Real estate is a business; if you are buying for your profit, the seller is selling for his profit too. Making pointless negotiations can turn off the seller immediately, which will affect or even damage your chances of getting a good deal. Therefore, it is essential to think from the buyer’s perspective as well and make an offer that is profitable for both parties. 

The best way to do so is to work with a reputed real estate agent. A realtor can help you with the exact price of new homes for sale in St George Utah, along with the extent to which it can be negotiated. Once you get an idea of what the actual price of the property is, you can make genuine offers, which can work out for both you and your seller. You can also offer to buy other stuff such as furniture and appliances as well if you are willing to immediately move-in or rent it out. Purchasing other stuff can help you negotiate better. 

Don’t hurry to move-in

Sellers hate when buyers are desperate to find Saint George homes for sale. If you pressurize the owner to perform the proceedings quickly, it can be something that the seller does not like. If the owner has been living in the house for decades or years, leaving his home might be a tough call. You should give him an ample amount of time to move out once you make your offer. Desperation can also affect the final cost and negotiation, as the buyer will try to take advantage of your hurry. 


In most cases, sellers are on the back foot when dealing with buyers. But, there are some things buyers do that can turn off the sellers and decrease their chances of grabbing a great deal. If you are searching for homes for sale, avoid the mistakes discussed above.