Smart Business Choices in and Around Indonesia

Change your life, give up everything to get started and be your own boss, why not? Being an entrepreneur is a great adventure. However, do not feel guilty if you are afraid of taking the risk of giving up everything overnight, and if your daily life does not give you time to think about it, it is completely normal. Today, even if the entrepreneurial journey has become considerably more fluid, setting up a business is a long-term job, costly in time and energy, the success of which is not always guaranteed.

For more security, you can choose to start your own business while remaining an employee. Unless a clause in your employment contract prohibits it, or your project is harmful to your employer’s activity. Hence the need to be transparent with your business and to organize yourself. With the ads for the business for sale Indonesia you can have the best solutions now.

Talk to your management / hierarchy

Talking about it is essential. Getting into the entrepreneurial adventure is not easy. Once you’ve made your decision, it’s important to discuss it with those around you. This will allow them to work out with you what it is possible to do to arrange your agenda if you need to (even if you don’t have to hide your face, your first few weeks are very likely to be like a marathon). However, making yourself visible is crucial, especially to facilitate your departure.

As a reminder:

An employee has the possibility of creating his own company as long as it does not compete with the activity of the employer’s company. Every employee has an obligation of loyalty towards his employer, whether in terms of discretion or non-competition. The activity carried out within the framework of the creation of a business must therefore not harm the employer. Starting a business is an experience and allows you to develop new skills, or to use some that you are not using in your current job. It is therefore a real asset for your employability, whether your project is successful or not. In addition, many companies have decided to set up spin-off programs. We’ll come back to point 5. Finally, don’t be afraid to talk about your idea.

But don’t just talk about that

Obviously, you will have to prepare your departure gently. This situation is necessarily a transitional situation between your salaried job and your life as a start-up boss. But before that, perseverance will be your main quality. If your world will now revolve around this project a lot, remember that this is not the case in your company. Of course, you’ll want to do just that, but just remember to talk about it every 5 minutes. Being visible is good, staying invested in the daily life of your organization is better. It will be unpopular if you give the impression that you are only staying for the salary and benefits of the organization, some might even call you a profiteer. For business for sales the options are open in Indonesia now.

If you need to downgrade your commitment to prepare for your departure, remember that you still work in an organization that expects results from you. Show yourself organized, and stay present (both physically and mentally) in the life of the company. You will have to be patient and manage your frustration. So think about the many networks of entrepreneurs to exchange and talk about your project regularly.

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